Yuval K. (Alumni-H)

My name is Yuval and I am 13 years old. I was born in Israel and lived there for 8 years before transitioning to Shanghai, China. I am doing my inquiry project on agriculture and will document it using photography and text. My two main passions are Scuba diving and rock climbing. I consider myself an adventurous person and am looking forward to expanding my comfort zone by further immersing myself in the varied Chinese cultures and traditions. Hebrew is my native tongue but along with my family's move to China, I became fluent in english and embarked on the long journey of learning Mandarin. Microcampus has been a spectacular opportunity and made me realize many things about myself. Throughout this trip, I have learned a lot about the farming in Xizhou and spent many hours doing agricultural work myself. Xizhou has left its mark on me and I strongly believe that I impacted the place and left a mark of my own.