Marisa K. (Alumni-E)

I used to be a little girl who lived in a little city, which I wouldn't even really count as a city. Then, everything changed when I moved to Shanghai when I was 11. Something that really changed is that I enjoyed the fresh, clean air in Xizhou for a month, rather than the dirty, polluted air of Shanghai. I was in the Microcampus Extreme Team group that went to Xizhou from November 2013-December 2013. I really enjoyed my stay in Xizhou, while making constant trips to Zhoucheng for inquiry work, which was xxx-xxx. You see, I would tell you what my project was, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise if you didn't know. OK, fine. I was studying tie-dye. Back on topic, Xizhou was amazing, and I loved every aspect of the village.