Max M. (Alumni-O)

Hi everyone! I am currently an 8th grader attending Shanghai American School, and am so grateful to have taken part in the 2016 spring Microcampus trip! I am originally from New York City, where I loved visiting exciting places, eating favorite foods, and spending time with extended family. When I was 10 years old, my family moved to Hong Kong for better work opportunity. Even though this was a big transition at first, I learned to keep an open mind as I adapted to a new environment and found new interests and favorite things. I had to go through change again when my family moved to Shanghai in 2013. Today, I still pursue my love for the guitar, baseball, and debate. At Microcampus, I experienced life outside of the urban bubble of Shanghai city life and lived in a small village in Yunnan Province called Xizhou for one month. There, I enjoyed being immersed in a rural environment with beautiful weather, scenery, and clear air. While staying in the village, I formed many close relationships with the locals and members of the Linden Center staff through daily interaction. I also learned about myself and acquired many useful lessons throughout the trip. Microcampus was an incredible experience for me and the rest of group O.R.E.O.