Jeffrey Z. (Alumni-D)

Hey guys, my name is Jeffrey (spelled R-E-Y not E-R-Y) and I am finding that the microcampus is extremely exciting! I am 13 years old, born in Fremont, California, USA. I then moved to Shanghai when I was 5 with 2 years at the Pudong SAS campus (Grades 1 & 2), before transferring to the Puxi campus (Starting from Grade 3 until now). I have been interested in the Microcampus ever since Mr. Tafel introduced it to us in 6th grade science class and now here I am on the trip. I am having lots of fun here even though I'm one of the only four boys here and only boy from the Puxi campus. Everyday presents me with its own set of challenges and it really makes microcampus an interesting experience. Now that I'm back in Shanghai, I'm really starting to miss XiZhou, but no regrets. The whole experience is definitely something I won't be forgetting. Please excuse any of my tyops.