Diego P. (Alumni-J)

My full name is Diego. I was born in Mexico 14 years ago in a state by the name of Chihuahua. I lived there for the next five years of my life, I have moved to three countries since then including China. I have lived here for the past four years. Even after all that time I would not consider my Chinese fluent, however I can get by. Some of my interests include reading, watching animated films, and sports. Interests aside, I have a passion for animals and someday hope to be a renowned Zoologist (The scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals). I am extremely grateful and excited to be able to take part in the Jailbreak trip. I am greatly enjoying studying the culture and people of Xi Zhou. My inquiry project is Woodcarving. I looking forward to studying it for the duration of my time that I have left in Xizhou