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Today was our last full day of Microcampus. We spent most of the day doing a final wrap up things, such as checking through our inquiry projects and saying goodbyes. Mia and I visited (and bought some rose buns) from Ms. He, and I was really sad to say goodbye to her. We also said goodbye to Mr. Yang, but he was not there so we asked his wife to pass on the message. Afterward, we went with Audrey to drink and chat with Mr. Huang, the owner of a tea shop.

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In December 2014, Charlotte K and the rest of the Ignite group came back from their trip to Microcampus. As Charlotte's little brother, I was treated to a firsthand account about all the good parts and bad parts about her trip. Fixated on the bad parts, I could only think of Microcampus as this scary trip that only the hardcore, disciplined people would really go to. I was worried about not being able to work well with others, about missing out on my social life in Shanghai.