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I grew up in a family of travellers.  Long before I was born, my parents were already travellers, travelling to countries and cities closest to Shanghai because they were more occupied back then.  Travelling brought us together, closer.  But for all those trips, I've never thought about the reason behind travelling, to try new food, to visit famous museums, to plainly spare time?  Microcampus is different.  We learn, we engage, we explore things we might never had end up knowing without this trip to XiZhou.  It's five months before the trip and I worked myself into a frenzy.  Microcampus w

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I am so excited. I was in the eighth-grade hallway on Friday, just repeatedly refreshing my email just waiting for the message from Mr. Tafel, and I can not believe I am a part of this year's micro-campus group. I cannot wait to go to Xizhou. I am looking forward to so many different aspects of what makes micro-campus such a good experience for students. I am especially looking forward to meeting new people and working on inquiry projects.

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Microcampus had been a name that hung by my ear for all the years I have been at SAS, and now that I am finally about to participate in this amazing program, I am very excited for the future only a few months away. Though there are fears like not being able to attend classes and not able to stay in my normal place of comfort, I believe I will conquer such fears very quickly.

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Okay. Microcampus isn't until the beginning March, but I feel like it's just around the corner. I know it shouldn't be a monster that haunts me in my sleep. Instead, it should be a dark cave with treasures at the very end. I do want to go, I really do. But, leaving my life in Shanghai, leaving my friends, leaving my family, my dog, it's tough. I could literally imagine myself with tears streaming down my face because of hearing the familiar voice on the other side of the phone. Instead of looking ahead, I feel like I need to look at the moment, stay in the moment, live in the moment.