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Over the past four weeks, we have been gradually working on our service learning project. This has included making connections with the community. One of there's connections we made is the connection we made with the 76-year old, Mr.Li, and the connection was very strong. 

Mr.Li is a very nice man, and we often find him working around his house helping out by making small prints or shining shows. He lives between the ficus tree and the linden center in Xizhou.

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I feel like just seven days ago we were introduced to the 15 other students we were living with for a month. I fell like just seven days ago, our roommates were picked and we were stuck for a month, not knowing that we will get the dirtiest sock Jammie Award. I fell like just seven day ago, I did not know that I would learn so much about my self and that this experience would shape me into a brand new person. I fell like just seven days ago this village named "Xizhou" was alien to me.

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A few days ago we had the choice to go to the mosque after we ate. For Evening activities we ate out at old town snakes. It was a excellent restaurant that served this special type of hot pot that was very good.

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If this Microcampus journey was written as a book, this would be the very ending.

I can imagine the beginning of the story as an introduction to all 16 of us; all unsure and unfamiliar with our surroundings, missing home and our family and friends. Chapter after chapter, after all the wisdom Mr. T and Ms. Mai have shared, we all learn more about ourselves and about our community. 

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Microcampus begins and ends today. This is the end of our journey together as 16 students for 28 days, but also the beginning of our own individual adventures. I look to this as a memory of the past, as the present, and as my distant future.
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Today was the day. The day where we leave the bubble of Yangzhuoran. We had two choices; one being ZhouCheng, a place where tie-dye is famed all around town, to both the locals and tourists. The second being, a wind farm, in which we learn about the science of wind-powered energy and will be provided with the opportunity to stand under a wind turbine. However, before this trip, I will be visiting a silversmith named, Mr. Zhao. As of now, I am waiting to leave for the silversmith business, and will provide an update later on of the trip and of the silversmith.

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Today we ended up following a regular daily routine in Microcampus. Food was amazing as always, but above all, it was definitely the Wellness Time. During Wellness, Sarah R, Josie C, as well as Sunny Q and I decided to ride down to lake ErHai again. Except this time, we took a different route down, and once we arrived, we took some pictures by the lake (and even some action poses). After resting and taking some pictures, we rode to a different part of Lake ErHai, passing by a village and saying hello to the community, also while taking some more pictures along the way.

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Today was again, an amazing day. I had to say goodbye to a lot of the people I had met. This includes Ms. He, the tea brewer, Ms. Wang, the basket weaver, and Mr. Li, our Service Learning partner. There are a lot more people that I had met for sure, and I said goodbye to all of them. I said goodbye to the lady who sells me boba milk tea and the woman who sells baskets and other souvenirs. Saying goodbye is very hard, and I truly will miss them. I promised each and every one of them that when I come back to Xizhou, I will visit them.

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Today was the 449th annual Jammie awards! They are basically Grammies but better.

They were very fun despite my sadness that night. I did win an award for the best puns but I felt bad since I knew they were the worst ones. In addition to this we also won the stinky sock award which is the most prestigious award for the dirtiest room ever. I am truly proud of this. Thank you all for nominating me, it has been an honor.

Thank you

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by Alex, Aria, Sam, and Sarah

Our Service Learning partner was Mrs. Li. She is currently 72 years old and is a vegetable vendor at Xizhou's morning market. 

Her full name is Li Jinlan (李金兰) and she has 5 siblings; 4 sisters and 1 younger brother. She has lived in Xizhou all her life but attended to school in Shacun when she was younger. Married at the age of 18, Mrs. Li also had her first child the first year she was married and told us that she married out of love and not just because of her parents' decisions.

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Mrs. Li, unfortunately, could not attend the video showcase, so I am planning to show her the video before our departure. However, during the showcase, I noticed that people were quite heartfelt hearing her cheerful laugh and watching her smiles throughout the video. They especially enjoyed the part where she was describing Chairman Mao and gave out laughs when she was talking about his height and the mole on his chin. I am yet to find out how Mrs. Li will react to our Service Learning video.