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Day 22 of Microcampus was, for the lack of a better word, a big day. It was essentially our last significant timeframe to work on what is left of our final product and reflection before establishing final touches on the next day. I have cleared out some video footage and some media for making my final product, which is a short movie following my journey through the 28-day duration of my trip in Xizhou in terms of my inquiry project.

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Today we focused our energy to finish our Inquiry Project work. For me personally, there are some small details that I would like to go through with Mr. T at "Pearls of Wisdom" tomorrow to see what works best. I think I need to do some fine tuning with the sound and I'm otherwise ready for tomorrow! Another step closer to the Hall, I suppose. This is better than China Alive in so many aspects. Please, don't get me wrong. But Microcampus let's us settle in with the culture more, we ACTUALLY make a POSITIVE impact.

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For S.S during SAS essentials we were required to take notes on a 50-page chapter. I decided to do a chapter on memory and today I will be talking about how it relates to the village of Xizhou. My inquiry topic is on parents expectations and I talked with many adults about what their childhood was like. Many of them hao use their memories that would take them over 35 years back to when they were children. During my time talking with many of the locals I came across many people who constantly said what to questions than answered shortly after.

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Day 21 of Microcampus marks the closing of our SAS Essentials sessions, and one of our social studies requirements is to synthesize the notes that we took from a particular chapter in the Psychology 7th Edition textbook and dedicate a blog post to connecting what we had learned to our observations of Xizhou. The topic that I had chosen is thinking, language, and intelligence, which is a topic generally focused on the cognitive activities present when the brain analyzes situations, solve problems, make decisions, and uses language.

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This post is dedicated to a Social Studies assignment. In this I will be talking about how my social studies chapter reading relates to this Microcampus trip. 

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This journal entry is to connect the psychology concept I took notes on to the Xizhou community. The concept I chose is stress and coping. From my talks with the locals here in Xizhou, most people live a very happy life. Xizhou is not some rural and obscured village where most people live under the poverty line. It was a thriving town pivotal to the growth of the Tea Horse Trail and now, a popular tourist destination as well as a tranquil town next to Lake Erhai. Most people here live a very happy life, owning a restaurant or a boutique.

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On day 20 of Microcampus, we officially started our work for the final phase of our inquiry project, and this instant, we did a much more decent job on not stressing ourselves out more than necessary. During WIPPIS time in the afternoon, Annie and I played frisbee, volleyball, badminton, and hacky-sack in the parking lot outside Baochengfu, before walking down SifangJie and stopping at Mr. Ma and Ms. Ma's bakery. During still-time, which we spent on stools outside their shop, we watched Mr.

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Today for still time, Angela and I watched Mr. Ma make cream cakes. It was very interesting to see him make the cake. He would wrap the cream around a stick to make the petals of a flower, then he would place it on the cake. He gave us a bit of the cream for a taste, it was sweet and thick. Eating it with the vanilla cake would be just delicious so we decided to come back tomorrow with a plate so that we will not use one-use containers.

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During Wellness, Barton and I was playing play frisbee,and hacky sack. I improved lots on my skills with throwing frisbee with a curve and I could throw and catch with my left hand. Today I will start with my final product and I am very excited. I will need to get more pictures and videos. I was also looking at quotes today and it was so meaningful. Quotes are based on wise words from people who have lots of experience or intelligence that could change or inform someone's opinion or perspectives. Understanding quotes are great leisure activity to do. 

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Day 15 of Microcampus was a Sunday dedicated to winding down and reflecting on the week's accomplishments. During today, nothing much happened except for a brief but interesting art introductory class on acrylic paint hosted by Gabbie and a clarifying walk-and-talk with Mr. Tafel on the hangers and hooks of my inquiry project.

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On day 6, we began our second day of digging deeper about our inquiry projects. It's been a productive afternoon, despite the not-so-good morning in which we had to be reminded to stay together. I met up with two new contacts—Mr. Yang and Mr. Dang.