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Before I start doing some heavy background research on my topic, I need to identify the methods I will be using to obtain information. Some of the keywords I could use are: Islam, Hui Islam, Hui People, Islam Yunnan, Chinese Islam, etc. I also need to make sure the information I am getting from this research is credible. The best way to find out if my information is valid is to check with multiple sources.

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It's day 6 and almost the end of the week. Today I went to a mosque with Lucas, Ivy, Hannah, and Alisa. We met some nice people and learned a lot about Islam and their daily schedule. Mr. Yang from the Golden Flower was able to have some local dancers come over and perform for us. Most of us learned some dance moves with the dancers, but not me. I did what I like to do, take pictures. I got some good photos and videos and I might post some in the galleries so take a look! Going to Dali Old Town for San Yue Jie (三月街) tomorrow. See you next time!

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Today Mr. Tafel took the guys and me (plus Ivy) on a two hour long bike ride that took us all the way to lake Erhai. Our first stop was at the Bamu temple, a Benzhu temple just off the shore of lake Erhai. The temple was chock full of depictions of deities from Buddhism, Taoism, Daoism, and even some local deities that are unique to just that temple.

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First day here in Xizhou, Yunnan!!! Long flight and then of course the amazing long bus ride to xizhou from kumming airport. Got here excited for my new home and I was not let down. I am amazed of the aura I got from simply walking into the village. I havent done much outdoor "exploring" yet and I can already feel the happiness of this place. Having high hopes for a different time here after all the excitment in Shanghai, from the play and our school. Food is amazing and so is my room. I am personally betting that I will not want to leave this new home.

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Tak... Tak.... Tak.... Plunk (repeated several times). These are the sounds of a small yarn package containing many small beans being passed around. Today, Mr. T brought out his hackey sack. The day started as any day at microcampus does. I woke to the sound of voices coming back from their run, got dressed, ate breakfast, worked on my maths, chinese, humanities, etcetera, had our meeting, ate lunch, and had WIPPIT. The only different part of the day was that after WIPPIT time, we had a group photo.

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I had the greatest cultural show last night with Ying Yang, Jillian, Hannah, Erin, Mr. T, and Ivy. Because of Ying Yang's inquiry project, he got connected to the band in an exclusive club, and we were able to watch this band of 10 people sing folk songs and play their amazing variation of the modern violin. The way they flicked their hands back and forth with the bow across their instrument was like they had a wall at a certain point. They have certainly mastered the art of traditional music in the Bai culture.

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Jillian, Ivy, Miranda, Erin, and me left the house at 6:20 to go jogging in the morning. Since we are at higher altitudes, we get out of breath easier. We had to take a few rests here and there, but at least we had some exercise. We arrived back at Yang Zhuo Ran at around 6:50.

Breakfast was real good, not that it ever wasn't before. It was my group's turn, group D, to wash dishes today. I washed the dishes, with Aakshi, Natalie rinsed them, and Colton dried them.

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Erin sleep talked in the morning at around 6:20.

No pancakes for breakfast today. Still the same muffin and banana and apples.

SAS essentials time, I worked on my humanities culture diagram project most of the time. I managed to finish drawing my pirate ship, and label some parts that represent the seven elements of culture.

Next was the daily meeting. The facilitator/host this time was Colton. Next time would be Hannah, and after Hannah it would be Aidan. We talked about schedules, committee announcements, school work, inquiry work, wellness, and others.

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A normal day at YangZuoRan will be a breakfast at 7:30. Then finishing up all the school work and then having the daily meeting to report our duties. We then pitch in as in clean our room, do the dishes and other productive stuff. After lunch at either the square or YangZuoRan, we have WIPPIT time. WIPPIT time is for getting in the zone, doing out project and our terrace time.The day ends with either chill time or a activity.

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Today we had a tour on the town and Languor. It has a star deck, a piano room, two classrooms beside the deck and the dinning room and sleeping rooms on the first floor.We had lunch in SiFangJie, the local square for common goods and food. The highlight of the day is the afternoon and the night.

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Day 6 was an interesting day. So interesting the word of the day is danhackywork. The day was danhackywork because we played Hacky-Sack, had traditional dancers over, and I finished (kind of) Phase 2. The Hacky-Sack work was so danhackywork. We all came into a circle and tried to kick the bag around. It was definitely harder than it looks. We also played at night, and I ended up having some pretty sweet moves. It was danhackywork because everyone had a different style.

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So today, if you haven't guessed from the title, we went on a cycling trip through Xizhou and the surrounding villages. I actually don't remember what happened before it, seriously, almost nothing, excpet we played volleyball while we waited for the first group to come back. 

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My teacher taught me that to take the traditional Chinese medicine in some cases, you must boil it in a pot, until it’s very thick and murky, and then you drink it. I know that medicine is a way by which you can recover from many different illnesses. There is the herbal form, accupuncture form, and others that I dont' know about yet.  In my past, I have used the pill medicine to focus on one part of the body that was sick, but herbal medicine has always been more interesting to me.