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Today is our first day where we are truly in XiZhou for the whole day. During the morning, our chaperones showed us around our campus and the village. We familiarized ourselves with our surroundings, and got used to interacting with the local people. Building up our socializing skills will make interviewing others easier and more comfotable. We also had our first meal away from our "home away from home". I had some local dishes, and I'm quite suprised at how it tastes. Local dishes taste different, but it was easy for me to get used to them because the local food tastes pretty nice.

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Today we woke up at 4:20AM and hopped onto the plane and landed in Yunnan at around 8:30AM. Then we spent 6 hours on the bus, then finally we arrived at our home at around 8:30PM. My favorite part of the day was the bus ride. I slept for 2 hours on the bus and the rest of the time I was looking out the window observing the world around me. The view was just beautiful and just so amazing. There was mountains all around us. Just amazing. Xizhou is really amazing and I am having a great time.

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The bags are packed, and Ms. Mai and I are ready for that early morning wake-up . . . 4:15 AM will be here pretty soon!

Our meeting time at the airport is a bright and early 5:20 AM, which should give us time for a relaxing check-in (and, probably, a nap) before the flight to Kunming.

And we're off! Can't wait for that first deep, pollution-free breath when we arrive in Xizhou tomorrow afternoon!


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Hello, audience! So the next Microcampus group is leaving tomorrow. Congratulations you guys! The Microcampus is your course description. Xizhou will be your classroom. Have fun! 

I'm in Study Hall now. Confined to four walls and harsh fluorescent lights... oh well. Say hi to the Linden Centre for me!

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The lock-in on March 1st was really crazy. Even though I left at 8:00, I still had a really good time. Our first task was to find a way to eat dinner witha 75¥ budget. After listing some different options we decided to order pizza. The hard part was deciding how many boxes and what size to order. After doing a bunch of math and calculations, we finally ordered. The process took a while but eventually the pizza successfully arrived. Meanwhile, Mr. Monteitha and Mrs. Chen talked about our physical, emotional, and socail wellness while we're at Xizhou. We discussed with Mrs.

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Oh my gosh. We are leaving on Saturday. I CANT WAIT! Time flew by so fast. The party/sendoff with the Pudong group and all the parents today was amazing! I was so glad I met them! It was fun learning about all the other projects and ideas that they had. 

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The lock in was mainly bonding time for me, with other friends that I do not know that well. It was also informative and I have a vague idea of how to deal with medical problems. Mr. Montieth was helpful and reminded me how to cope with stress. Most importantly, I now have a list that shows a vague outline of what my wellness plan is actually going to be. I think that the lock in was really helpful for me.

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The lock in Friday was so much fun. Mr. Tafel did a great job of preparing the time so that we might use it effectively, but he also gave us enough time to be by ourselves. The lock in helped me realize the energy of the group as a whole. We all have the energy to collaborate effectively, respond to presentations, and generally have fun as a group. The whole group knows each other now after that lock in, and we will be able to support each other in and out of micro campus meetings or activities.

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Today, everything really sunk in. Xizhou is just a month and a fortnight away. The Lock-In was a really fun experience, even though I had to leave early. I learnt a lot about the actual trip through the night and it was fun to plan our own dinner out and be more independent. It felt like the perfect opener to Microcampus. With talking about our Wellness Plans with Nurse Chen, Mr. Monteith and Mr. Tafel, discussing a typical day at Microcampus, and learning more about the Service Learning, the Lock-In has successfully made me much more excited about Microcampus than I was two days ago. 

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Wow. 16 days to go. I'm super excited for this trip, and really just can't wait to spend lots of time with Mr. T, Ms. Mai, and everyone going to Yunnan. I'm looking forward to meeting the locals in the village and excited to see their lifestyle and how different it is from ours. Microcampus is a great opportunity to learn and do things that we aren't capable of doing in our international community. Hopefully I will become a more independent and creative person through this experience.

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Today we had our lock in, and reality really set in.  I was going to go with these other 15 kids and 2 chaperons to a little village called Xizhou for 28 days.  I got a chance to bond with the other people going on the trip, and to step outside the "Bubble" for the first time together.  Last night we talked to Mr. Monteith and Nurse Chen to talk about our wellness plans and how we are going to stay healthy while we are gone.  We worked on them and thought about the different ways to stay emotianoly, spiritually, physically,  and socially healthy.

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My knowledge of traditional Bai minority clothing is somewhat limited. I only know what I have seen, and cannot really describe what I have seen. However, from observation, I have learned the basic clothing of the Bai minority. from what i can tell, clothing is light, flowing, with many flowers. A headpiece seems to be very popular with the older generation.