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We left at 5:45 am to catch a flight to XiZhou. It was a long journey here. We arrived in the afternoon. The sun was bright and sunny even though they say it is only a moderate day. It feels like a dream right now to be here.

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Why I Came To Microcampus. The reason I came to Microcampus was because I am to spoiled. At home I will sometimes wash my dishes, but not all the time. I have someone to do my laundry, I don't do any of my laundries. Stepping out of my comfort zone in shanghai is rare and uncommon. The idea of spending a month away from my family was worrisome but I realized that also is very beneficial for when I leave for longer periods of time.  Growing up and seeing my older sister going on this trip was inspiring. I spent 4 years wanting to go on Microcampus. I knew from early on I was going.

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As inconceivable as it is, today is the last day of Microcampus. The 28 days, 672 hours, or 40,320 minutes has gone by within the blink of an eye, and it is hard to grasp that we will be boarding a plane back to Shanghai soon. The whole experience in this village seems surreal now, akin to some type of dream; I could never compare my life back in Shanghai to every day here in Xizhou. 

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Presenting our service learning video went really well. We had many people show up to watch the videos. I enjoyed watching the audience watch our video because we were able to see all of their faces and their expressions. It was great to see our service learning partner Yang Mei Kong enjoying herself along with the other guests. I'm proud of my video and I'm really glad to be able to share it with everybody else. 

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Watching our partner watch his story was memorable. There were more audience than I expacted and many of the audience was very sad watching the video. I think our movie is very different than the previous ones. I mention this because we had lots of special video clips and props like the letter, the walk, he making Xizhou baba and more. I am not sure if he enjoyed because he was wearing sunglasses, and he left the first. Maybe he left because of his buisness but overall I think we did a really good job of turning our conversations into a movie.

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Today we had our final check for our service learning project. The story board was due yesterday, and today we had service learning product check-ins three times throughout the day. One at ten am, one at two pm, and one at 5 pm for the final check before the show case. There were many things that needed to be changed and many problems that needed to be fixed. We had all the elements but the way it was ordered caused it to not make much sense.

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It is day 17 at Micro campus and it is our second to last day here to work on our Phase 3 and tomorrow will be the last day we will be able to go out and talk to the locals. In 2 days we are supposed to finish 2 phases and that definitely makes me nervous. However today was a great day, I had to share ant inquiry slot with Laura because the other teacher wasn't available. Laura needed to talk with the local farmers here and it was really fun to talk to the local farmers. In fact, they even taught us how to pull out the garlic stems with the tool.

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We shared our service learning video with a large group of people. During the showing instead of sitting in the audience looking at all the flaws of film, we watched the audiences reaction. Before heading up to sit in the chairs front, the wave of anxiety hit and I could feel a tightness in my stomach. Once I sat down up front, my nervousness slowly faded away. The entire audience was looking at the screen not the students sitting beside it. It was about the same as I imagined. While watching, most people had the same expression throughout most of the video.
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Our service learning partner is Yang Mei Kang. She is 67 years old that sells shoes created by here on the side of the street. She has been living in XIzhou for her entire life. She kindly accepted our presence to talk to her. We are very lucky we were able to talk with her.

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I think this was a great experience to give thanks and to express our gratitude to this community. As I said, this is a place I would want to come back to and renew old connections and know new acquaintances. It was awesome to see the smile on her face. Our lives look outlandishly different on the outside, however, we are the same people. We value the same qualities in others, for example, honesty and perserverance. It was great to share our exhilarating experience with close friends.

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Our Service Learning partner is Mr. Zhang. He is 79 years old and helps out at his daughter's Xizhou Baba shop.

Mr. Zhang's full name is 张画彩. He has 2 sons, 1 daughter, and 1 grandson. He lives apart from his sons and daughter and lives with his wife. He helps kneed the dough and cook the Xizhou Baba at his daughter's shop.

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Today, we worked for a long time on our Service Learning videos. We had 3 checks with Mr. T in the morning, Ms. Song, then a last check by Mr. T. It was very tiring and stressful since our plot did not flow together. We did some heavy editing to make it work out. The improvement of our video was quite unbelieveable. I almost gave up on my project when until we swtiched the plot and it became much better.