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Our service learning partner is Mr. Wang, his full name is 王在供 (Wang Zai Gong). Mr. Wang is 82 years old and he is the father-in-law with the owner of a Xizhou baba shop near SiFang Jie. Mr. Wang has three children and three grandchildren, he has 1 daughter, two sons, one granddaughter, and two grandsons. Mr. Wang has been retired for over 30 years, but he is still working very hard selling baba almost every day of the week to support his daughter-in-law's local Xizhou baba business.

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Choices. As we embark ourselves in the Microcampus trip we have had to choose our topics for an odyssey of 28 days, which will determine what we do. So I have went back to reliable Mr. T's advice, and chosen the Change and Development of Xizhou. Here is my topic choice, along with others I ruled out.

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This is currently Phase 1, where I will be focusing on plants and insect life. Back in Phase 0, I had carefully chosen my topic that I will be working with for a month. My plan is to investigate information about the environment and insects that lived with the villagers in Yunnan Province. The purpose of this plan and the topic is to learn about the people in China and how they rely on the environment to form their village and their culture.

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Hi! This is the first phase of my inquiry project, which is an opportunity for all Microcampus students to discover more about Xizhou from different aspects within the 28 days of our travel. We had a wide variety of topic choices to choose from: from business case studies to silversmithing, and even designing our own tourist guide. I eventually focused on some specific topics using the method mentioned below: