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If this Microcampus journey was written as a book, this would be the very ending.

I can imagine the beginning of the story as an introduction to all 16 of us; all unsure and unfamiliar with our surroundings, missing home and our family and friends. Chapter after chapter, after all the wisdom Mr. T and Ms. Mai have shared, we all learn more about ourselves and about our community. 

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Microcampus begins and ends today. This is the end of our journey together as 16 students for 28 days, but also the beginning of our own individual adventures. I look to this as a memory of the past, as the present, and as my distant future.
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Today was the day. The day where we leave the bubble of Yangzhuoran. We had two choices; one being ZhouCheng, a place where tie-dye is famed all around town, to both the locals and tourists. The second being, a wind farm, in which we learn about the science of wind-powered energy and will be provided with the opportunity to stand under a wind turbine. However, before this trip, I will be visiting a silversmith named, Mr. Zhao. As of now, I am waiting to leave for the silversmith business, and will provide an update later on of the trip and of the silversmith.

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Today we ended up following a regular daily routine in Microcampus. Food was amazing as always, but above all, it was definitely the Wellness Time. During Wellness, Sarah R, Josie C, as well as Sunny Q and I decided to ride down to lake ErHai again. Except this time, we took a different route down, and once we arrived, we took some pictures by the lake (and even some action poses). After resting and taking some pictures, we rode to a different part of Lake ErHai, passing by a village and saying hello to the community, also while taking some more pictures along the way.

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Today was again, an amazing day. I had to say goodbye to a lot of the people I had met. This includes Ms. He, the tea brewer, Ms. Wang, the basket weaver, and Mr. Li, our Service Learning partner. There are a lot more people that I had met for sure, and I said goodbye to all of them. I said goodbye to the lady who sells me boba milk tea and the woman who sells baskets and other souvenirs. Saying goodbye is very hard, and I truly will miss them. I promised each and every one of them that when I come back to Xizhou, I will visit them.

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Today was the 449th annual Jammie awards! They are basically Grammies but better.

They were very fun despite my sadness that night. I did win an award for the best puns but I felt bad since I knew they were the worst ones. In addition to this we also won the stinky sock award which is the most prestigious award for the dirtiest room ever. I am truly proud of this. Thank you all for nominating me, it has been an honor.

Thank you

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by Alex, Aria, Sam, and Sarah

Our Service Learning partner was Mrs. Li. She is currently 72 years old and is a vegetable vendor at Xizhou's morning market. 

Her full name is Li Jinlan (李金兰) and she has 5 siblings; 4 sisters and 1 younger brother. She has lived in Xizhou all her life but attended to school in Shacun when she was younger. Married at the age of 18, Mrs. Li also had her first child the first year she was married and told us that she married out of love and not just because of her parents' decisions.

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Mrs. Li, unfortunately, could not attend the video showcase, so I am planning to show her the video before our departure. However, during the showcase, I noticed that people were quite heartfelt hearing her cheerful laugh and watching her smiles throughout the video. They especially enjoyed the part where she was describing Chairman Mao and gave out laughs when she was talking about his height and the mole on his chin. I am yet to find out how Mrs. Li will react to our Service Learning video. 

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Today is our last day. We will be hopping on a plane going to Shanghai soon and saying goodbye to this beautiful place called Xizhou. This experience for me has been truly breathtaking, and I hope never to forget it, but this brings up the questions: Why did I come here in the first place?
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Today is April 5th and it is Sarah R.'s birthday!!! Whohoo! But it also means that we will be leaving tomorrow. I have had many great experiences over the course of this trip and I am very grateful for those who have helped me along the way. 

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On the star terrace, we stared at the sky.

The night sky, so distant, so beautiful, so clear, so bright.

Tomorrow we leave, to go on our new adventures. I still remember our second day, when we finished our tour around Xizhou and all sat on the terrace. Leaving Xizhou is hard, but I will not miss Xizhou. I know that I will come back, after saying goodbye to all who supported me and helped me along the way. They are all so welcoming and hospitable, the best host one could ever have for Microcampus.

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As I stepped off the school bus on a typical afternoon, the city of Shanghai towered upon me. There were the tall metropolitan buildings, the booming noises of the cars, the suffocating traffic, the people with their earbuds on, going on their own roads and softly singing along to their tunes…and then there was me, my feet coming to an abrupt stop and gazing at the pinkish, orange sky of the evening. The clouds were low as the ground, clinging to the buildings while the sun was sliced in half and gleaming with a lighter shade of yellow.

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Goodbye. I will miss you Xizhou. I will miss every aspect of this Microcampus journey. 

Today I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite people. I had to say goodbye to Mr. Wang and his daughter who taught me to basket weave. I had to say goodbye to Nai Nai and Jie Jie who taught me to make tie-dye, and I had to say goodbye to Nai Nai, Ye Ye, and Ayi who taught me to make Baba. 

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Microcampus has taught me so many valuable lessons and I feel as though it has shaped me into a better person as well.

Everyone on the trip has contributed some part into the end result of these 28 days and I absolutely cannot believe how fast everything has gone by. It feels as though it was just yesterday when we were given a tour of the Xizhou village and were only just introduced to each other at the Hongqiao Airport.  

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Why I came to Microcampus.

Why did I come to Microcampus? 

I had no specific reason for coming other than that I enjoy new opportunities and chances. I remember seeing a few eighth graders in my class disappear for a while and come back presenting these monotonous slideshows. Listening to presentations from 8th graders about this experience, Microcampus, had never actually interested me. Only once reaching grade 8 and listening to Mr. Tafel present about the month long learning program in front of the entire grade that then, I was interested. 

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I lived in China all my life. From ever since I could trace back my memory, I was in Shanghai. Except for the hazy four years that I spent in Korea during the first few years of elementary school, China was my home. Home I did not comprehend. Ignorance ruled my mind, full of assumption about a nation I have only seen a part in. I first heard about Microcampus towards the end of 7th grade when a couple of 8th graders were talking about it in exploratory. Even then I had no clue what exactly Microcampus was.
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Today, I devoted most of my time to packing my bag, cleaning my room, and reviewing previous work. As I packed each item to its original places in the suitcase, I reflected back on the memories of the past 27 days at Microcampus. The daily routines will be replaced by the busy life back in Shanghai. There will be no more room for Still Time or walking around the village and observing the beauty of Xizhou. There will be no more common blue tie-dye skies or people who would reply my greeting with a warm smile so easily. I have learned to cherish moments, the people, and the environment.