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Over the past two days, we had a Microcampus overnighter prior to the trip. I reflected on the entire overnighter, and I filmed a short clip talking about it. Please click here to watch it. Thank you. :)

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2 weeks before our departure to Xizhou, the Wildfire group had an overnighter at school.  I have made a short clip to reflect on the event. To see my reflection, click here.

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From the 22nd of February to the 23rd, I was in school, experiencing the Microcampus version of an overnighter. I have created a video, summarizing and reflecting on my experience in the overnighter.

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In phase 1, I have developed ten big questions that would help me to dig deeper into my topic and prepare for the 28 days in Xizhou. This is the phase 2, where I will be relflecting on the informations I researched in phase 3, as well finding more helpful and reliable information to answer the 10 questpons about my topic, the ways how the people in Xizhou relieve stress.