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This is going to be the start of preparing for the 28 days trip to Xizhou. In this start, we needed to choose an inquiry project, something we are going to study for 28 days at Xizhou. The inquiry project will be something you see interesting and want to study it for the 28 days at Xizhou. We had a huge list of topics to choose from.

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On the 7th of March, 2020, I will be leaving Shanghai with my Microcampus team and will be going to Xizhou for 28 days. During this time we will be working on a project called an Inquiry Project to really be able to learn about the local culture. Before we were chosen to be a part of Microcampus we were given a list of possible choices for our Inquiry Projects. We were first asked to look at the list and pick out a few projects that really stood out to us or looked interesting.

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In Phase 0 I have narrowed down the topic that I will research in Xizhou. Then after I have chosen my topic I had moved on to Phase 1,  which I had started to question my wonders I have once I get to Xizhou, also I have expressed the knowledge I have on the topic I am doing. . The next step I am going to start is working on the background research so I am able to know the minimum knowledge about Xizhou and their people.

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To choose the top 3 topics I wanted to study first, I thought about what kind of things I was interested in (cuisine, photography, and crafts), then I narrowed it down to my top five by reading about them and seeing which ones seemed the most interesting. After that, I thought about which topics would help me grow more as a person and which ones might I grow a new passion for.