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for the Tea (culture, tradition, production, and distribution), do you get to follow the villagers and go pick tea and then make tea and taste it?

How many inquiry projects can you do on this trip?


I would like to choose within the projects Tea, Case study (local buisness or industries), wood carving, health care, and maybe farming.

First I scanned through the whole topic



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Local recreations/hobbies are one of my choices because I really learn about the traditions and culture in Xizhou, I am interested in looking at the difference between how people use their free time. My plan is to discover the difference between how people spend their time. They might not do the same things as we do in Shanghai, since the lack of resources.

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To choose the top 3 topics I wanted to study first, I thought about what kind of things I was interested in (cuisine, photography, and crafts), then I narrowed it down to my top five by reading about them and seeing which ones seemed the most interesting. After that, I thought about which topics would help me grow more as a person and which ones might I grow a new passion for. 

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This is the beginning of my journey at microcampus. In April, fifteen of my classmates and I will experience learning in Xizhou for 28 days. During this time, I will be studying beginning and end of life rituals. When choosing my topic, I looked at the list and went through the many different options available to me. I picked about nine to consider more deeply, then I thought about which ones I was most interested in and could create the best Inquiry project about.

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As part of the SAS 8th grade learning experience, students are selected to join an off-campus trip to a village called Xizhou for a total of 28 days. During this trip, each student chooses a topic that they are interested in from a variety of subjects. Students work on inquiry projects before going off to the site, and are given feedback for the work and topics that they are interested in.

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This is the start of a very important learning journey that I will be undertaking over the course of this school year. For 28 days in March I will be going to the small village of Xizhou to study a topic that is of high interest to me, water usage and treatment. There were many topics to choose from, and it was difficult to narrow the entire list down to just one. I finally narrowed down the list based on feedback I received and my process of elimination. 

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Questions about the different topics

1. Are we "limited" in the type of projects we do? For example, if we study about the Erhai Fishing Industry, what type of project is it that we do? An essay? An art piece? 

2. Do we get to choose what type of projects we do? (ex. art piece, writing, film, etc) 

Explain the process/guidelines/priorities that were the basis used to narrow the list of possible topics

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When I opened the endless list of topics, I was surprised to find so many different options. I wanted to choose something that interested me, but also something that I could not do or learn in Shanghai. My eyes automatically drifted to a few topics: local legends and spirits, food and cuisine, and antiques and collectibles. 

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When looking at the list of possible topics, I started by considering the topics that caught my attention. The list narrowed down to five topics. I then read the descriptions for each topic and narrowed the list down to three topics: Architecture/Construction Methods/Preservation of Old Structures, Water Usage/Treatment, and Body Language/People Watching.

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At the beginning of this phase, I was unsure about the topic I would be choosing. There was a very long list (7 pages long, to be exact) of topics to choose from, but I eventually was able to narrow that long list down to just three that I had high-interest levels in. Originally, the topic I wanted to choose most was textile production, but I soon realized that it did not quite suit my area of expertise.