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Over the past four weeks, we have been gradually working on our service learning project. This has included making connections with the community. One of there's connections we made is the connection we made with the 76-year old, Mr.Li, and the connection was very strong. 

Mr.Li is a very nice man, and we often find him working around his house helping out by making small prints or shining shows. He lives between the ficus tree and the linden center in Xizhou.

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I feel like just seven days ago we were introduced to the 15 other students we were living with for a month. I fell like just seven days ago, our roommates were picked and we were stuck for a month, not knowing that we will get the dirtiest sock Jammie Award. I fell like just seven day ago, I did not know that I would learn so much about my self and that this experience would shape me into a brand new person. I fell like just seven days ago this village named "Xizhou" was alien to me.

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A few days ago we had the choice to go to the mosque after we ate. For Evening activities we ate out at old town snakes. It was a excellent restaurant that served this special type of hot pot that was very good.