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Our service learning partner is Zhou Nai Nai. She is 65 years old and sells scarfs that she embroiders herself. Zhou Nai Nai's shop is in Si Fang Jie, which is the square close by to our home, Yang Zhou Ren. Zhou Nai Nai loves to dance and cross-stitch. She also loves to sing songs, especially songs in the favor of Jesus and God. 

From interviewing Zhou Nai Nai, I have learned that you should always be thankful no matter what. Zhou Nai Nai had a very tough life, but even though things did not go her way, she was still very thankful for everything that had happened to her. She has also taught us that God works in mysterious ways and that the most important thing in life is not money or what you have, but it is love.

I learned a lot about the Cultural Revolution. I learned all the different perspectives, including the people who were against the Cultural Revolution and people who weren't. I interviewed a lot of people asking about the Cultural Revolution and I got some of the same answers. They all told me about how no one had food, and they would starve. I also got a lot of information about how people with more money had the higher chance of living, while the people with less money could barely survive. 

I only learned about Xizhou's history and the Cultural Revolution.

At first, our Zhou Nai Nai was a little hesitant to come to the event. She ended up coming, but once Mr. Tafel announced that our group was up next, she was yet again a little hesitant to watch our video. Our group was up at the front of the crowd so that we could watch the audience instead of the film. While up there I kept note of what facial expressions Zhou Nai Nai had.In the first scene in our video, Zhou Nai Nai was dancing with a musical stick. She was smiling the whole time, but I also feel like she was a little bit embarrassed about it. During the whole video, Zhou Nai Nai was very happy, and she was proud of our work.

At the end of our video, Zhou Nai Nai stood up and hugged us all. She then turned around and told Mr. Tafel that we were very good students. I feel like this project was very worth it because it was a message of gratitude to the great Xizhou, that took care of us for 28 days.

To the future Microcampus students, I recommend that they have many options to choose from because they do not know if the people will come to the event or be open to sharing their life story. Also, I recommend filming as soon as possible, because you only have a limited time to film your video. You should make sure you make the most of this moment because you will have to put a lot of effort into your work to make it the best as possible, to show your gratitude to Xizhou.

About This Learner

My name is Saleem E. I am 13 years old and my favorite sport is soccer. I am back in Shanghai, but I am missing beautiful Xizhou. My inquiry project was woodcarving, but I changed it to Myths/Stories/Legends in Xizhou. Xizhou was a great experience and not only did it teach me many valuable lessons that I will take with me through my journey of life, but it also taught our group valuable lessons. I would like to thank Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai for their support and patience during this trip. Microcampus has opened up my eyes, and after going to Xizhou I view our world in a totally different way. Thank you Xizhou.