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Our group had a partner early on in the process that agreed to be our partner. We needed to get that person approved by Mr. T to see that that person had not been a partner in the past by alumni. We asked Ms. Mai if our partner has been used in the past and she said that we were all set and that we could ask her for us to film her. When we asked her and told her everything that service learning included and she agreed. We were excited and we set a time when we would come and film her. We set all of our time aside to her. Then a few days later we received an Email from Mr. T saying that our partner has already been used. We were understanding of the mistake that was made because there have been hundreds of service learning partners and they cannot remember all of the people. We had to go back to and describe to our partner that we could not film her and she was understanding. We needed to have 12 options so if one the people we had in mind said no then there would be multiple options. Our group had all of our 12 people, we went to ask them and they all said no. We were confused because we have made many connections with all of the people that we asked and they still said no. We then had to start from scratch and try to make more connections, but this time we were scrambling around trying to find people instead of taking our time. We asked people that we knew from restaurants and from people that turned down our offer.

When it was the day that all of our filmings had to be done, we found someone that day that said yes to us, but we could not film because of our time constraints. We then had to admit to Mr. Tafel that we had no filming and that we tried the best we could, but all of our options said no. He understood but was disappointed about our outcome of the service learning project. We were feeling bad about our failure and that I was the only person in the group that had all of their work done.  

I was assigned to a different group that had filming done and the other two members of my group had to use their service learning time to finish the work that they needed to make up. There was some confusion at first, but Mr. Tafel came to explain the situation that had happened. I tried to contribute to the group the best I could with the lack of knowledge that I had on their partner Mr. Wang. I was feeling better though now that I had a partner and all of my work done. I ended up being a big help when it came to editing the video. I gave input on what I thought we should do and also I was in the voice overs as well. 

I got to see my new group's service learning partner watch the video that we produced. I invited an older lady that has already been a service learning partner named Chen Nai Nai. she has always been nice and welcoming to all of the Microcampus students. Henin and I walked Chen Nai Nai to Yang Zhuo Ran when we arrived my original group showed our guest around the place that we have been staying at for a month. When it was time to start the sharing I was excited to see what Mr. Wang thought of the video that I help contribute to making. At first, I thought that we did not like it because he was not engaged in what the video was about and that we dragged him there. But as our production played he became more and more attached to it. When the video was over he was very moved by what we showed the audience. I was very proud of what the outcome was of my video. When Mr. Wang said that he had to go home, my group and I went to walk him back to his shop. When I get there Mr. Wang wanted to show his gratitude of all of our hard work he gave us one of his saltly Xizhou Babas from his shop. Mr. Wang has been very nice to us and I would like to thank him for all of his efforts. 

If I were to give any recommendations to the future participants in Microcampus, I would say to have to make sure that you start making connections right away. Because if you do not have all of your connections then you will be scrambling around and that turns out to make a bad video. I also want to say that looking up the person that you have in mind is also helpful because it helps avoid any confusion. 


About This Learner

I had been lucky enough to be able to join the Ultimate group with eight others to go down to the village of Xizhou. I had been able to grow through this experience and learn about my inquiry project and even about myself. I have made bonds and friends with the students on my trip and also the community of Xizhou.