Updated 2 months 1 week ago

When I was told I was about to spend 28 days in a village within Xizhou to research a topic we were highly interested in, I was speechless. I never really had a strong interest in one particular topic therefore the list of topics I could research was huge. I went to my brother (Jeffrey) who had gone on the Microcampus trip before and received some advice on choosing my topic. His suggestions were to find a topic that I was not acquainted. 

Updated 2 weeks 1 day ago

In this Phase, I will begin to figure out the what parts my topic, which can be found here in Phase 0, I really want to explore. This will be accomplished by coming up with questions that I will want to focus on before and when I go to Xizhou. 

Updated 21 hours 36 min ago

In Phase 2, I will be looking for more sources of information that can push my inquiry project even further. I finished Phase 0 earlier where I chose my inquiry project's topic while in Phase 1 I have come up with the questions that would guide my project throughout Microcampus.

Updated 3 weeks 1 day ago

In Phase 3, I will be accumulating all of my research in here before and during my Xizhou trip. Previously in Phase 0, I have chosen my topic while in Phase 1 I have activated prior knowledge and came up with questions that will guide my research. 

Background Information (from Phase 1)

About This Learner

It's definitely interesting for a person like me to be on this Microcampus experience. As a person who often gets undermined by his peers for not excelling either academically or physically, Microcampus is definitely a huge opportunity for me to see what I really what to try out. It's a chance for me to actually be able to try out what I want, not having to be pushed along the set down path of my peers. Personally, I'm a gamer, enjoys learning, has fun trying new things out. I enjoy music a lot, I've spent almost 8 years on the piano and 4 years on the trumpet by now. I'm definitely one of the critical people who always has the catchphrase of, "Act your own age please..."