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Hi! This is the first phase of my inquiry project, which is an opportunity for all Microcampus students to discover more about Xizhou from different aspects within the 28 days of our travel. We had a wide variety of topic choices to choose from: from business case studies to silversmithing, and even designing our own tourist guide. I eventually focused on some specific topics using the method mentioned below:

Updated 3 weeks 20 hours ago

Before the winter break, I had finished Phase 0, where I chose my topic of the local antique trade and its interconnection with the Tea Horse Trail. Now, I will activate my prior knowledge of the subject and ask myself a few insightful questions that I am wondering about.

What do I already know (or think I know) about the subject?

Updated 3 weeks 20 hours ago

I am currently in Phase 2, where I will be finding some useful resources to propel my research onwards. Before the winter break, I finished Phase 0, where I chose my topic, Local Antique Trade: Tea Horse Trail, and referred to some alumni advice.

Updated 4 weeks 1 day ago

This is Phase 3, where I will be collecting, interpreting, organizing data and facts from prior to and during the Microcampus trip. Previously, inĀ Phase 0, I had selected my topic and looked at alumni advice.

Updated 4 weeks 10 hours ago

This is Phase 4, where I will be preparing for my final product and coming up with a viable structure for my final presentation. I will also be referring to previous projects in order to find inspiration.

About This Learner

Hey I am Clark! Microcampus has been a spectacular experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This experience transformed me and taught me many life lessons. Now that I am in Shanghai, I miss the clear skies, the amazing food, and all the loving memories the Voyagers crew had together. To future Microcampus students: cherish your time in Xizhou and always listen to Mr. T and Ms. Mai, as they are trying to stop a problem before it becomes one.