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First of all, I would like to say how I understand that this trip will involve me researching a topic of high interest about Xizhou's culture and/or people for an extended period of time. This meant that I could not just pick any topic for the inquiry project, but a topic that I will be interested in for a long time, as I will be staying in Xizhou for 28 days.

Updated 9 months 3 weeks ago

If you read my Phase 0 post, which is right here, you will see that I showed how I narrowed down my inquiry topic selection and why I choose the topic I did. If you need a reminder on what topic I choose, I choose tea as my inquiry project topic. In this Phase, I will detail my prior knowledge of my topic and also create ten questions as a starting point to help further my research on the topic of tea.

Prior Knowledge

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This is Phase 2, where I will be finding contacts to help guide me through my research and comment on my work. If you saw my previous Phase, Phase 1, you will see that I have made the 10 big questions that will guide me through my research. These questions were created after doing my background research in Phase 3.

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In Phase 3, I will gather up all of my research on the topic of tea both from before and while the Xizhou trip to help me solve my 10 big questions, which I created in phase 1, which will come from many resources such as websites, books, magazines, people, and many more. 

Background Information (from Phase 1):

Climate and Nature of Yunnan

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This is the follow up to Phase 3, where I will be planning on how I will turn all of the information I have found during the few weeks at Microcampus into a final product or project. If you have not seen Phase 3 or need a reminder of what I found during my research, Click on Phase 3.

About This Learner

My name is Sunny, and I was a part of the Voyagers group in microcampus.I'm a gamer, artist, and love building stuff! I chose to join the Microcampus program because I want to become more independent and learn the lesser known cultures of China. The trip was amazing and I hope to come to Xizhou again.