Updated 10 months 3 weeks ago

March 10, 2017, will be the first day of MicroCampus. MicroCampus is a Program where 28 students travel to Xizhou from Shanghai and start an Inquiry project. I am one of those students and I choose the topic Case Study of Small Businesses.

Updated 10 months 3 weeks ago

In Phase 0 we looked at all the inquiry projects and narrowed it down to one which for me was Case Study: Local Business and Industries. Then we brainstormed essential questions to answer when doing our Inquiry Project. We also looked at advice from the Alumni, so we are equipped with knowledge when we get to Xizhou.

Updated 11 months 21 hours ago

In Phase 1 I examined what I have learned, and I did some background research so I can know a few things about my topic before I even get to Xizhou. I then made my 10 Big Question that I will have a chance to answer in Xizhou. 

Updated 11 months 18 hours ago

In this phase, I will be collecting information form my background research and in my time in Xizhou. In Phase 1 I explored what I already know and what I want to know through the research. 

Background Information (From Phase 1):

Small business is commonly referred to as that backbone of our economy. Small business (a business with 500 or fewer employees) make up about 99.7 percent of businesses, and they employ a lot of people[1].

About This Learner

I am a student at the Puxi SAS Campus, and I love an excellent outdoor adventure. In my free time, I like playing D&D or baseball with friends I hold dear to my heart. I had a great time in Xizhou, and I have learned a lot throughout the experiences here in Xizhou.