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What I have written done below is the very start of a 28-day journey to Xi Zhou. This is the progress of me eliminating the many choices we were able to research into one specific topic to study. At first, while reading the possible topics, there were many interesting ideas that I was interested in, but because we could of only choose one topic, I had to slowly narrow my choices down. At last, I finally made the decision on the topic I will be researching on this trip and here are the processes of me finding the right topic:
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This is Phase 3 where I will be collecting research and facts about my topic, which is Wood Carving/Door Making. This will allow me to help me understand my topic better prior to and during the Mircrocampus trip. In Phase 0, I have selected my topic from a long list of possible topics and also sought advised based on alumni's experiences.

About This Learner

Hello everybody! My name is Brandt L. and I am 13 years old. I moved to China when I was two years old and have been in the SAS community for about 5 years and it has been an amazing and a wonderful time. Something I like to do in my free time is to draw, take photos, listen to music, and play with my dog who is named Luffy. I have a sister called Vanessa who was part of the Microcampus E group and I am extremely excited to also be in the microcampus trip. I can't wait to go to Xizhou and learn more about their culture and meet the people there! :)