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Our Service Learning video, made by Alex, Aria, Sam, Sarah.


Our service learning partner is Ms. Li. She is 72 years old and sells various homemade vegetables in the morning market. 


I got to know her a lot better as a result of my conversations with her. I learned that she is extremely passionate, loving, and persistent. She is a grandmother and has 5 children, but we do not know how many grandchildren she has. She got a 6th-grade education and was pulled out to work. She has been farming and selling vegetables for 50 years. 


As a result of this experience, I learned a lot about Ms. Li. Her full name is Li Jin Lan. She got married at the age of 18 (she agreed to the marriage) but her husband died 20 years ago. She has lived in Xizhou for all of her life. She has 5 children and a number of grandchildren that we did not find out. 


I learned quite a bit about Xizhou after talking to her. The most startling thing that I learned was that, when she was a child, there was so little food that she sometimes had to eat wild grasses. I also realized Mao Ze Dong was very popular to her and many people in the village. 


I learned various things about Chinese history in the 20th century from my talking to her. Like I said before, the main thing I learned is that in the year 1958, there was so little food that quite often she and the community would have to eat wild grasses in order to survive.


I wrote a blog post that showed what it was like to present our video to the community and the other students. If you would like to see that blog post, please click here.


There are quite a few things that I would recommend to future Microcampus students to improve their Service Learning experience. The most important thing is to find someone that bonds with you and you also bond with them. The stronger the connection between you and your service-learning partner, the more comfortable they will be telling you about their past and their experiences which will later improve your video. In addition to this, as soon as you think you have a Service Learning partner, be sure to check very early on if they are able to come to the sharing. Our group decided to wait until the final few days of filming to ask her whether or not she would be able to come, and we learned very late on that her family has a celebration going on at this time and will not be able to come. Also, something much easier to do, try to be extra healthy prior to having conversations with your service-learning partner. Missing conversations with your partner will mean that you will also miss a lot of information, which will make helping your group extremely hard when it comes to making the video and choosing the right clips.

About This Learner

I was part of the Microcampus Voyager group and I had an amazing time! Microcampus was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. My topic for the Inquiry Project was antiques and collectibles and I encourage any future Microcampus students to look into this topic. If any students in the future need my help, feel free to contact me at sam01px2022@saschina.org and I will be happy to help! Good luck to future Microcampus students! Sam