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What is written here is only the first step in a very long and fun journey. As of now, what we have done is choose one specific topic from a list of many that we were provided with. At first, while reading through these topics there were many interesting things but over time I had to choose which three I specifically wanted to do, and then finally in the end out of those three I picked one. With this topic, I will do research on it up until March where 15 other students and I go to a local village in Xizhou to further develop our knowledge of this topic. 

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At this point in time, many, if not all of us have completed Phase 0 where we decided what topic we wanted to do our inquiry project on. I chose to focus on the topic of antiques and collectibles. In Phase 1, we start to create questions which will help guide our research when we reach that stage. 

What I already know

About This Learner

I was part of the Microcampus Voyager group and I had an amazing time! Microcampus was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. My topic for the Inquiry Project was antiques and collectibles and I encourage any future Microcampus students to look into this topic. If any students in the future need my help, feel free to contact me at sam01px2022@saschina.org and I will be happy to help! Good luck to future Microcampus students! Sam