Sonia Z.'s Journal

Microcampus is a journey I've been looking forward to since sixth grade. Previous eighth graders have told me how Microcampus altered their perspectives and modified themselves as active members of the future generation. I looked up to them with admiration -- desperately hoping that when I transition to an eighth grader, I'll be able to undergo the Mircrocampus experience. Now here I am, an SAS Puxi representative of the 2017 Microcampus trip! 

My name is Sonia, and I'm 13 years old. I was born in Canada but I was born and raised in Shanghai. My hobbies include basketball, touch rugby, volleyball, frisbee, writing, and reading. I acquire a thirst for learning and new opportunities. I hope to flourish on this Microcampus trip by discovering a new life style and perspective. In short, I wish to grow.