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Microcampus is a journey that will take me outside the minuscule bubble of Shanghai - our expedition is to travel to a rural village and create amazing connections and experiences with the locals and Xizhou's culture. Each student is required to pursue a topic of personal interest from the Inquiry Project list - to enhance our knowledge by producing real-world connections; to construct new ideas and perspectives. I was overwhelmed by the different projects I could engage in, however, after the extensive feedback from Mr.

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This is Phase 1, where I will be highlighting the impacts that propaganda influences onto our world and Xizhou. I will also be providing some backstory on my Inquiry Project topic as well as posing some questions that I will be answering on Microcampus. In Phase o, I explored many different topics and made my final selection. 

What do I already know?

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In Phase 1, I developed essential questions to deepen my understanding of Government Graffiti and Wall Propaganda in Xizhou. I am now shifting into Phase 2, where my goal is to gather helpful resources for my Inquiry Project. 

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In Phase o, I evaluated the topic choices for my Inquiry Project and chose Wall Propaganda as my final topic. In Phase 1, I will be continuing my work based on the background research I have here. This is Phase 3, where I will be collecting information, explaining facts using local contacts, and finding their relevancy to the ten big questions I will create later in the process.

About This Learner

My name is Sonia, and I am 14 years old. I was born in Canada, however, I was raised in Shanghai. My hobbies include basketball, touch rugby, volleyball, writing, and reading. I acquire a thirst for learning and new opportunities. I was in Xizhou immersing myself in a new culture and remarkable, powerful, stoical, generous community. A community of people with wisdom, erudition, and philosophy to share, and lives with stories worth listening.