Updated 2 months 2 days ago

Lao Zi, a Chinese philosopher, once famously said: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." To start off this 28-day journey in Xizhou, I was given a long, detailed list of topics for my inquiry project. To conduct a meaningful research, to find my hobbies and interests, and to select the topic that best motivates me, I reviewed each topic thoroughly to make a final decision. As I was going through the list of possible topics, I recorded the topics that I initially felt the most interest in.

Updated 21 hours 52 min ago

In the past section of Phase 0, I shared my process of elimination to draw a conclusion on my inquiry project topic. After having made the choice of researching on "Xizhou Perspectives: Looking Outward, Looking Ahead", in Phase 1, I will be delving deeper into my topic through providing prior background information and significant questions to guide me through the process of research. 

Updated 1 week 6 days ago

In Phase 3, I will be gathering, arranging, and interpreting information from various resources in advance to and throughout the entire trip. In Phase 0, I selected my topic and recorded useful advice from previous Microcampus participants.

About This Learner

I am fourteen years old and this is my 10th year in China. I have lived in Beijing and Busan (South Korea) before in which I have attended four different schools. I am interested in meeting people who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and I am willing to use Microcampus as an opportunity to experience the life on the other side of China. I hope I can gain some more knowledge on the various perspectives people in Xizhou have towards the world, which would help me develop as a stronger, open-minded individual. I am looking forward to this valuable learning experience!