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This is my service learning page, I am in a group of three and our work will be stored in Austin's page. We do not have a parnter as of now.

From this experience, I learned a lot about Mrs. Yang Qi Fang.    She is an elderly woman who is an 81 year old grandmother living in Xizhou.    Mrs. Yang stated that she had a very active life and she has memories of the activities and events that took place here in Xizhou.   She was a teacher and part-time farmer who now does embroidery as a hobby. 

I learned from Mrs. Yang that she had a tough life as her father died when she was only one year old.   She met her husband when she was 18.  He was in the army.  She started working at 25 years old teaching music, art, PE and math.

I learned that the life in Xizhou was very difficult due to the Japanese.  They made life very very difficult and even today Mrs. Yang states that they were evil. They also 

Everyone had to obey the government authorities.   The Cultural Revolution really changed everyone’s lives, even the well educated and rich people had to work on the farms or in the labor camps.  The communists brought the war to the people.   The government is good because they think of the people first.   However, everyone must work together.   Our parents come to Xizhou in order for us to be better educated.  We want to live the Chinese dream to make our country stronger.



1. If you have Alot of footage do not translate all of the footage just translate the important parts.

2. Do as much service learning before the due date or else you will be rushing all of it at the end.

3. Be absolutely sure that your service learning partners will go to the meeting. 

About This Learner

I'm 13 years old I am really happy to have gone to Yunnan. I was born in Malaysia and have also lived in China, Thailand, and the USA. At Microcampus, I chose to learn about the architectural design as my inquiry project because it will give me insight to an important aspect of the structures in the village. I had many new experiences during Microcampus including being more self sufficient and have a more thorough understanding of Chinese culture. I believe that this experience is milestone of my education.