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This is my service learning workspace. Our service learning partner was Mr. Du Xing Long. He is 64 years old and is the owner of a private antique shop. Most of our work will be done in Narelle's workspace, which can be found here.


As a result of this experience, I have learned a lot about my elder. I learned that he has had a very painful past, but still has a positive outlook on life. He has had many amazing things happen in his life, and is very willing to share them. I also see that he believes China is headed in the right direction and is getting better over the years. 

Mr. Du taught me that in Xizhou's history, only recently have people been happy. Before, the government had so many rules and they were not ones that made the people's lives better. He also taught about how health as a child in China was bonot a very important topic.

I learned that in 20th Century Chinese history, many people like him who had radical thoughts were drafted into the "army." This meant that he spent 4 years "studying" which he called brainwashing. He said they could never brainwash him.

At 2:30, we headed over to pick up Mr. Du. Two of us walked with him, and myself along with Narelle went to buy him a cake for his birthday (which was on Sunday).  We pre-ordered it and are delivering it on Thursday, April 3. At the showing of our videos, he was very chatty and immediately stood out as the one people wanted to talk to, though all the partners had very interesting stories. After the screening, I could tell that he was pretty happy with what we had come up with. He talked for a very long time about things like his divorce or how to succeed in life, and eventually he headed home.

For those of you future Microcampus students looking at this, I have a few pieces of advice. Firstly, I know that everyone says this but make sure to always make connections so that you can find a partner early. If you have a lot of connections, you can find someone else easily if your partner bails. Secondly, start filming and getting information as soon as you can, because if your partner goes away for a while you have nothing you can do. Lastly, ask questions about everything. Do not just stop once they give an answer to your first question.

About This Learner

I'm 14 years old and I was so happy to get a chance to participate in the Groundbreakers group of Microcampus (March 2014). I am a person of diverse experience, having lived in the United States, India, Singapore, and now China. The Microcampus experience expanded my learning and intercultural understanding, as well as gave me new methods of work and ways to live. I went to Xizhou to study restaurant management. Microcampus was amazing, I wish I could do it again.