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Welcome to my service learning workspace. My partners are Harry, Alina, Wayne. All of my group will keep our work here in my workspace. Our service learning partner was Mr. Du Xing Long. He is 64 years old and is a private antique owner. 


My service learning partner is a 64 years old local man named 杜兴龙(Mr. Du Xing Long). I have learned that the past China was very harsh. The hardship the elders of the generation been through is too difficult for words to describe. I learned that people back then try as hard as they can to earn the opportunity to study and learn. In addition, I believe we are very lucky and we have to take this great chance to absorb more and more knowledge.

As a result of this experience, I have learn that Xizhou is somewhere that develops slightly slower than other places for the changes occurred in Xizhou are not very grand. In addition, Xizhou is somewhere that keeps many ancient-momentous-histories. It is also a pleasant place where people love to visit.
The 20th Century China is truly filled with harsh memories. The lives were harsh and people were treated not very well. Under many movements made by the leaders of China, the people and history of China really changed. China changed. 
The process of sharing was great. 3 out of the 4 partners came to the Linden Centre and comfortably settled down at the TV room. Each with smiles on their faces, Mr. Tafel began the presentation with a short translated-English-Chinese introduction of this fantastic project. In between of each presentations, Mr. Tafel gave thanks to everyone who contributed in this amazing project. The last Service Learning clip was by Mr. Du, our Service Learning partner. As the video was playing, we could feel levels of happiness burst out from this heart. After the video was over, he laughed and smiled again, and smiled again. Mr. Du is truly a talkative person, and that is the best. After the presentation is over, he began to tell us some of his live experiences in a deeper level. We all really wish we could include that in our videos.
From this experience, I learned how wonderful it is to record a person with stories worth sharing. I learned how precious it is to have the chance to learn about someone’s life. Because of this Microcampus project, I had the chance to make this happen. I truly respect this program and wish it could be everlasting.
For future Microcampus groups, there are some friendly recommendations. First, get started your Service Learning project as early as you can, interact with the locals the first time you step in to Xizhou. Second, make as much connections as you can. Each connection you make could be your Service Learning partner. It is very difficult to find a partner on the last second. Third, always use a tripod. It is very unpleasant to have shaky videos. These are some of the most important friendly reminders. Keep up with your works as always and you are good to go!

About This Learner

Hi! I am Narelle and I am currently 13 years old. I grew up in Australia. I have lived in Sydney, Australia for three years; the United States for a few months; and Shanghai, China for ten years. I love tennis, music, and traveling. Microcampus was a memorable-awesome-everlasting experience. The Groundbreakers are forever groundbreaking.