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I learned that even if you don’t have much money to be happy. If you have clothes on you, food to eat and a house to life in you will be happy.


I also learned that there where many people moving from Dail to Xizhou. Because he moved to Xizhou from Dail he did not give us a lot about it’s history. 


Mr. Ma was reluctsnt to talk about history espeshaly the time around the cultral revolution. We asked him on sevral diffrent visits and he told us he was not alowed to talk about it. 

When Mr. Ma saw our video he was very happy. He was ecstatic when we showed it to him. He kept complementing us about how good the video was. He said we did a good job capturing he life and was very grateful to be part of the project. When we gave him the fruit he did not want to take it because he felt as if he had not done any thing.

As I watched Mr. Ma watching the video I felt like l was done with the project. Once he had seen the project and was happy with it I though that in the future because he was so impressed with our project that he might recommend it to he’s friends to be partners.

For future groups I would recommend that you start translating on your video as soon a you can because they will need the time. I would also recommend that you approach a partner well before the dead line so you do not have to worry. A final recordation would be to plan your time because the video takes longer than you think.


About This Learner

I am 14 years old and from Washington, DC. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. I studied water treatment and pollution. Over the course of the trip I gained a better understanding of Xizhou and China