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In fifth grade I was fortunate enough to go to Xizhou with my family. It was a great experience. I spent most of the time looking around the village and a lot of time looking at pottery. This was the first time I learned that really old things were lying around in people's homes and not in a museum. When the opportunity came up to go back to Xizhou, I wasn't thinking about my last trip because I had forgotten most of it.

Updated 4 years 10 months ago

I know a few things already about Xizhou. I know that in Xizhou all the people get their water from pipes. The water pipes probably come from the lake because it would be hard to bring water in over the mountains. The water could also be pumped out from wells near the lake. The sewage is either cleaned and put into the lake or piped to a central waste treatment plant. When I lived in the US, I visited a water treatment plant. I learned how sewage is cleaned into water cleaner than tap water.

Updated 4 years 10 months ago

Welcome to my Phase 2. In Phase 1 I developed background research and found many helpful recourses. In this phase I will be finding an expert on my topic. Then I will find a local expert in Xizhou.

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I am 14 years old and from Washington, DC. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. I studied water treatment and pollution. Over the course of the trip I gained a better understanding of Xizhou and China