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During our second week here in Xizhou, my group, KatherineGraceHenry and I had difficulties finding a Service Learning partner for our project. Just a couple of days ago, we got lucky. Mr. Yang (the Antique Shop owner) told us that his Uncle (Yang Bing Xiong) was willing to be interviewed about anything.

Yang Bing Xiong is a 79-year-old local villager, former Math and Language Arts teacher as well as a Muslim group leader. We were able to built a strong connection with him over the past couple of days. He is a very kind man and is very open about sharing his life story with us.

We created a Google Doc where we were able to put all of our Service Learning information into at the same time. We decided that everything that we wrote/edit will be put into Grace's Workspace.  

When we first came to visit Mr. Yang (Mr. Yang, the Antique Shop owner's Uncle), he was willing to share his life story and anything about the History of China with us. He is a very talkative man which is very good to have when you need to work on your Service Learning video. 

As we were interviewing Mr. Yang, we weren't aiming to find out more about the History of China. He was talking more about his daily life and everything he knows about Education. He said that Education is the number one thing you need to have in life.

My first thought on what the Service Learning Presentation would be like was that it would be projected in the Main Courtyard against the white wall. There would be 20 chairs set up facing the projector and baskets of fruits on the table at the back. I was wrong. The Service Learning Presentation ended up being in the Conference Room. It wasn't what I expected for our final video but it was a cool experience to see your partner smile when he watches a video of himself on a TV screen. When I turned to look over to see Mr. Yang's reaction of the video, he smiled which made me very proud on what my group and I have done. I feel proud for being part of Mr. Yang's life. Even though the Service Learning Presentation day was the last day I could meet Mr. Yang, I will still never forget Mr. Yang's kindness and how open he was about talking his daily life :)

About This Learner

Hey! My name is Vivian, I'm 14 years old and this will be my 4th year here at SAS. I've lived in New Jersey, Singapore and currently in Shanghai but I am originally from New York. Some of my hobbies include swimming, drawing, listening to music and playing the piano. I'm going to miss the blue skies, starry nights and the nicest local villagers I have ever met. I hope the rest of you guys will enjoy Xizhou as much as I did :)