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Microcampus has always been about spending four weeks in a rural village in Yunnan and exploring one's interests outside of the "Shanghai bubble". During these four weeks, every single student needs to study an Inquiry Project, chosen from a long list of topics. The topics frequently change, with topics added or deleted for every group, and multiple different topics appealed to me.

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In Phase 0, I chose my Inquiry Project pick from a long list of topics. I first picked my top three and waited for Mr. T's feedback before picking my final one. The one I chose was Wall Propaganda Messages, the various graffiti around Xizhou that I would investigate.

About This Learner

Hi! I am Marco, a student of SAS from 2006 to 2017. I was part of the Tactical trip, which was in Xizhou during May 2017. My family comes from Hong Kong. I have two twin sisters who are two years older than me. One of them, Charlotte K, is a Microcampus alumni. I love to read, learn and take risks, all of which I have done plentifully in Microcampus. I have had so much fun in Xizhou, especially as I improved myself and realised so much about rural China. What I have learned in Xizhou is truly unforgettable and important to me.