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Above is my service learning video and biography. Our partner is Mrs.Duan Fu Hua. She is 71 years old and she is a former farmer.

We have read the articles from the That’s Shanghai magazine. The people who where in the articles we read were Chen Tingtao and Qian Yaqin.

Some questions that could have been a part of the interview process for the articles would be ..

  1. When were you born?
  2. Do you have any memories of your past?
  3. Do you have any memories of Chinese history?
  4. What was your occupation?

There were three people we considered for our service learning partner. One, we considered Mr.Zhao the security guard at YZR spouse. Her name is Mrs.Duan. We think that she would be a good match because Mr.Zhao has been a service learning partner before for the past microcampus groups. She would have been their when he got interviewed. She would have understand what service learning was. Two, a lady who sold footwear named Mrs.Gui. We unfortunately heard the next day that she had passed away. She had died of an unknown death. We even saw her funeral go by in the town center or Sifangjie. The last person we considered was Mr.Mao’s parents. We then figured out that he was already featured in a past group’s service learning video.

We finally decided to go with Mrs.Duan because she was the only other person we could do. She is the wife of Mr.Zhao the security guard at YZR. She once was a farmer.

We decided to ask all of the questions on the list. We would then edit the unwanted questions after we started editing the video. The questions that were the most important  that we asked were mostly the required questions. Some specific required questions that we asked that were important are do you have any regrets in your life, of what are you most proud of in your life, and do you have any memories of specific historical events.


I learned that Mrs.Duan was a farmer. She was not educated because she was poor. Also, liberation did not effect her because she was a farmer and so was Mao.

I learned that Xizhou wa a peaceful little village. It had no conflicts with other places.

I learned that many people in Xizhou couldn't get an education because of the cahotic mess that was going on in China. People were also very poor so they couldn't aford an education.

Unfortunattly, Mrs.Duan Fu Hua was in Wei Guo at the time we were presenting the video and will not be back in time for us to show the video to her. Learning from here was a great experience. Even though I didn't understand a word that she was saying, I still learned about her life from translations from my groupmates.

I recomend that future microcampus students do not wait for the last minute to finish their work. If you do then you will freak out like our group did. I also recomend that you take your time doing the video and biography. If you do it to fast, then you will either miss something or mess the whole thing up. My final recomondation would be to start making your video right when you get your information from your partner. That way you wont be rushing to get it done right before. It will also make the process much easier.  


About This Learner

Hello,This is my first year in Shanghai. I am 13 years old. I attend Shanghai American School Pudong and am currently in eighth grade. I was born in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I lived there for 12 years. My hobbies include singing, reading, and being plain funny. Microcampus was a phenomenal experience. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I have made so many memories here in Xizhou. Microcampus is one experience that I will never, ever forget!