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Microcampus is a journey of learning and self-exploration. Phase 0 marks the start of this journey. I will spend my 28 days in Xizhou in discovering how the Flying Tigers affected the people it was to protect. I chose this topic because World War II in Asia and the Pacific is a topic of high personal interest. Originally, I had a three topics to choose from. However, after thinking long and hard, I have chosen to research the topic of the Flying Tigers. 

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In Phase 0, I brainstormed out a couple topics that I can research during my time in Xizhou. Here in Phase 1, I will be establishing questions to answer in Xizhou and building background knowledge. The topic that I have picked to investigate is the presence of the Flying Tigers in Xizhou.

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In this Phase, I will be finding experts in this field and evaluating the sources I have used in background research in Phase 3. In Phase 1, I have identified guiding questions that I can use to research my topic of the Flying Tigers. I also did some background research about my topic. 

Keywords I Used During Digital Research:

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In this Phase, I will be building my knowledge on the Flying Tigers in order to aid my research in Xizhou. This will be working document with information being added until my inquiry project is 100% complete. I will be gathering information through, interviews, books, and online sources. I have made the decision to research the Flying Tigers during my time in Xizhou in Phase 1 and laid out the big questions that will guide my investigation for my inquiry project. 

Background Information (from Phase 1): 

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In Phase 0, I chose the topic of my Inquiry Project, which as you may know, is the Flying Tigers. In Phase 1, I did background research and established questions I will use to learn about my topic. In Phase 2, I found an expert and evaluated the information I collected in background research.

About This Learner

Hi there! My name is Barton C. I had a great time in Xizhou during the Microcampus program. These are four weeks that made me look at my life and my work ethic differently. My four weeks as a Superior was one of my fondest memories of middle school. I am a baseball outfielder and pitcher, die-hard fan of the Detroit Tigers, as well as one of the few (only?) Microcampus alumni with a Private Pilot License. My project focused on the preservation of the Flying Tigers' history in Xizhou. If you are interested in a project regarding the Flying Tigers, building upon my project or aviation, you may reach me via my email at barton01px2021@saschina.org.