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Beginning on January 25th, 16 students will be traveling to Xizhou, a village in the Yunnan province of China. 15 students and I will be staying there for 28 days and investigate a topic each of us is passionate about. After looking through a list of topics, I narrowed my choices based on my interests and feedback from Mr. T. The main questions were: How does this relate? How is it important to me?

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In Phase 0, I narrowed my inquiry topic choices down to one. The topic I have chosen to investigate is bamboo weaving. In Phase 1, I will start researching and developing questions about my topic.

What I Already Know

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Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

In Phase 2, I will be finding resources to help answer the 10 Big Questions I have developed in Phase 1 or even think of new ones to answer. 

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Vanessa. Xizhou has changed me completely, from personality to the way of thinking. I created loads of amazing memories with the FEARLESS family in this magnificent, life-changing, month long trip. I will never forget the memories I made at Xi Zhou as a member of the Fearless group.