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Our Service Learning partner was Ms. Yang. She is 63 years old and she has two sons and one grandson. She was born by the Er Hai lake, but she does not know exactly where. She has lived there for most of her life and then she met Mr. Du, her husband. After they got married she moved away from the lake. She now lives in XiZhou and takes care of her grandson while his parents are working. She had one sister, but she past away. Her parents also passed away. When she was young, she was poor so she worked in the fields and filmed to help earn some money for her family. She values her family and this is the most important part of her life. 

During this time I learned that her life now is better than it used to be when she was young because she lives in a nice house now and has enough food and clothes. She used to have to work in the farms and she did not have enough food or clothes, her house was not nice either. I learned that her grandsons life is also much better than hers was when she was his age because he has a good life and meals and he can go to school to study unlike her. I learned that she never went to school either. 

I learned that most people were not super wealthy in XiZhou before, this includes her family because she told us that they did not have much money. She did not know much about the Cultural Revolution or The Great Leap Forward because during these times she was really young. Also, since she did not go to school she does not know much about these specific events in general, but Mr. Du (her husband) does and so does her son. 

I learned that life for her and many people us much better now because the kids have enough food, they have enough clothes, they live in nice houses, and they can go to school to study. I learned that the life of the people in the 20th century were not very good. The kids had to stay home and farm to help their families earn money so they had enough food and clothes. The kids did not enjoy this and they had to work so much harder than the children do now. 

While sharing my video with my Service Learning partner and the other groups Service Learning partners, this is what I was thinking. 


The day before we left we got  to share our final Service Learning video and our Service Learning partner came. She went to go pick up her grandson from school and she was almost late, but we were so happy that she arrived on time. We were so happy. The experience of sharing our groups Service Learning video was good. I think the hardest part of the process was making the video. Asking the questions was not too hard and the time that we got to share the video was very fun. Overall, the experience was really good and I had an great time learning about Ms. Yang. I was glad that I meet her because she was really nice and I was glad that I got to learn about her past. She welcomed us into her house and because of her we got to have a wonderful Service Learning partner. 


When sharing our video we had to go up to the front of the room. When we were there we had to introduce our Chinese and English names. Once everyone is you group is done sharing their names you sit down on the bench at the front of the room and watch the audience watch your Service Learning video. During this time you are not allowed to look at the screen and watch the video because you should be confident in the video. You can watch the reactions of the audience members. This is something that I have never done before, so it was something new for me. It was kind of weird not being able to watch the video that we created, but it was interesting at the same time. It was hard to not watch the video and sneak a peak at the screen. I was happy that I did not look. It was different for me to see the reactions of the audience members. I could tell what part of the video we were at because the audience would laugh. I think that it was actually pretty cool to not watch the video, but the audience. It teaches us that we should be confident in what we create and that we should not doubt ourselves. It was ncie to see that al the people knew each other and that they were all friends. They would talk to each other during the videos and it was nice to see that they all got along. 



Because of this experience I now know that it is okay to be a little nervous. Everyone will get nervous when showing something to an audience. I think that I learned that I should be able to be confident in myself and trust myself in the things that I do. I need to remember that I went over and reviewed the video before I showed everyone. I am still nervous when showing a final project to a group of people, but I know that I can trust myself. I have learned a lot from this experience. 







One of the recommendations that I have for the students who will be doing this in the future is that you should connect with the people in the village early and learn about people. Also, learn about who those people know. This will help to make sure that you get a partner in time and early, so then you can start learning about them and gather more information. This will help making the video easier because you will have more interesting information. Another recommendation is that you should schedule exactly when you will meet with you partner. This means from like the actual hour that you will be at their house. This will make sure that they will be at their house or wherever you want to meet them so that you can get information everyday. The last recommendation that I have is to watch over your video many many times and make sure that even the small details are fixed, for example font of subtitles and make sure that it is looking good before you do your first teacher review. This will help you to not be as stressed to finish on time and you most likely will have less corrections to do after the teacher review.  

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Imani. I am 13 years old and this is my 2nd year at SAS. I was born in Michigan and I lived there my whole life until I moved to China 3 years ago. Some of the passions I have are playing soccer, dancing and traveling to many places around the world. One of my favorite places to go is Thailand. I was part of the Revival Microcampus group. I went to Microcampus on November 19, 2016 along with 9 other students from the Shanghai American School Pudong Campus. I enjoyed my time in XiZhou and learned many things about myself and the community that I was living in during the experience. This is definitely an experience to remember and I have nothing to regret by deciding to go on the trip. Thank you XiZhou and everyone who makes Microcampus possible for the chance of a lifetime. Definitely something that I will never forget.