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My service learning partner is Mrs. Deng, who belongs to the Naxi minority and sells traditional shoes for a living. She is not sure of her age, but believes that she is around 70 years old.

When Mrs. Deng he was 20, she participated in the Cultural Revolution. She regrets many things that she did during this time. Some include yelling and slapping the more educated, professors and teachers. She yelled the elderly and more traditional until her throat was sore.

I did not realize how much the locals participated during the Cultural Revolution. From 1966-1976, Sifang Jie  was used to discriminate the traditional and "counter-revolutionary" people. 

I learned about what took place during the Cultural Revolution. Some of the people that I spoke to gave some surprising information that I was not expecting about the Cultural Revolution. 

For future groups, I recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to do your reflection. This process takes time and rushing through it is not the best idea. Remember to get outside of your comfort zone and talk to anyone who offers to share their story. 

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Hello I am Anne-Marie. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. This is my first year at SAS and I am enjoying it. My hobbies are volleyball, reading and traveling around the globe. I am currently on Microcampus and enjoying it. The people, air, market and Linden Center are all great welcomes to this wonderful village. I am enjoying and already wishing that this trip is longer than a month.