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Here are the video and the biography.

My service learning partner is Hong Cheng Yin, a women who came from Lijiang to Xizhou when she married. We all stored our information and writings in one person's space. Out of the whole group consisting of Peyton, Eirean, Shirley and me, we decided that Shirley will be keeping everything. Here is her workspace.

Our partner was Mrs. Hong, who is now at her house, relaxing. Throughout the whole process, I found out a lot about her, and her life. I found out she moved from Lijiang to Xizhou when she married, and she had a very challenging life before she had gotten land from Deng Xiao Ping, and she had retired when she sold her land. She has a son and two daughters, who doesn't live with her, but had moved to Kunming or Xiaguan. I haven't learned a lot about Xizhou's history, however, I found out that Xizhou's history isn't very big, but just was a part of the Chinese history. I learned that the villagers' lives had started improving gradually, after Deng Xiao Ping started to improve the economy.

Today(thursday), we showed our partner the video that we all made. Our partner, Mrs. Hong, seemed very happy and satisfied to see the video of herself.

I have a lot of recommendations for the future students. First of all, I recommend that they should start making connections as soon as they can, so that they know a lot of people, as well has having lots of choices on partners. Also, I recommend that they start filming and editing as soon as they can, since if anything goes wrong, they still have time. I also recommend them to just calm down, and don't be so desparate to be making connections.


About This Learner

Hi, I'm 13 years old, just like most of the other 8th graders who went on this trip. Rubik's cube is my everything, I'm an atheist, and I'm Korean. Although I have been living in China for more than four years, I live in areas with lots of foreigners, so my Chinese haven't really improved, but I can speak with locals. I was in Xizhou, and it was so amazing!