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Our service learning partner is Mr. Ma. He is an 81 year old former teacher, who is of Muslim religion. He goes to the local mosque every day.

What did you learn about your elder in the result of this experience?

I learned tons of information about Mr. Ma. I learned that Mr. Ma is a really nice 81 year old man, and was a teacher for 42 years (beginning in 1951). He was a middle class man, but was not originally from XIzhou, which is why he does not know too much information about Xizhou's history. The 100 flowers movement didn't affect him personally, but he had an idea of what was going on. I also know that he lived a long and fulfilling life. He is Muslim Religion, and because of that he attends the mosque daily, and prays five times a day. In 2009, he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He cares lots about others, and explained that to us. He is focussed on the next generation, and has taught many many people and helped them succeed in life.

What did you learn about Xizhou's history as a result of this experience?

Honestly, Mr. Ma didn't know that much about Xizhou's history. Still, the changes in Xizhou were huge. He said that the roads were stones and grass, and nobody could afford cars. There were grassland everywhere, and because of the stone, uneven roads, you could not stay balanced and it was hard to walk straight. Houses used to be thatched cottages. Houses and hospitals have been rebuilt. He also mentioned that his old school that he used to teach at was rebuilt too.

What did you learn about the 20th Century Chinese History as a result of this experience?

I have learned lots about the 20th Century Chines History. Mr. Ma told me that he does not judge people, so he does not judge Mao Ze Dong. Also from Mr. T's history lesson, we learned lots about China's History, and how bad things were, and how things were getting better.

For future Microcampus students, I reccomend that they begin starting their Service Learning Project Earlier, before the hike if they can, so that the final video is not rushed.

As of now, our group has not shown Mr. Ma our video.

About This Learner

Hi my name is Brandon, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and I've been at SAS since the 6th grade. I have two brothers that also go to SAS, they are sixth and fourth graders. In Xizhou, I researched wood carving as my Inquiry Project topic. I had an incredible experience here in the town of Xizhou, and I will remember the 28 days I was here for the rest of my life. I miss all my friends I have made in Xizhou, as well as the peacefulness, the nature around me, and many other things. Microcampus was one of the greatest things I have been through.