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Sarah is the main person who has the video and the biography. My group consisted of 4 people, Sarah, Apoorva, Vanessa , and I. 

I have actually learned a lot about Duan Fu Hua. Mrs. Duan is married to the former guard, Mr. Yang, at Yang Zhou Ran. She is 71 years old and her Chinese name is 段富花. She was born in Wei Gou, and she has lived in Xizhou for about 60-70 years. Mrs. Duan has been a farmer for her whole life. Something that I learned was that we should be very grateful for whart we have. Like we said on our presentation, we have to always follow our dreams.  Turns out Duan Fu Hua did not really know a lot things like the Cultural Revolution or other huge historical events. 

Unlike  many people, Mrs. Duan really liked and still likes Mao Ze Dong. For her, Mao Ze Dong brought happiness, wealth, and power to China. When Mao was in power, Mao helped the lives of the farmers, but Mrs. Duan never got education because she worked in the fields all her life. Actually, one of her biggest dreams was to receive education and learn about this world she lives in. She says that she has a lot of regrets in her life, but at this moment, all she wants and needs is happiness. 

From what Mrs. Duan told me, many people in Xizhou did not really get education, and many of them could not really follow their dreams because of all the chaos. She tells us that we should always be gratefully for what we have and how amazing our program is.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Duan did not mention a lot about the history of Xizhou and China. She knows that her life has gotten a lot better during these years. She said that during the Cultural Revolution, all educated people, professional and those who were rich were all targets. Those who were not killed were pushed out into the countryside, laboring on farms or just doing really hard labor. But after all that, she said that her life got a lot better.Mrs. Duan and Mr. Yang were unable to attend our video sharing. I know they would have really liked the video and been happy.

For the new Microcampus groups, I have just three things to say. Happy Chapies! Always keep your chaperones happy, because they are doing so much for us. You should always thank them no matter what! Keep up with your work. Always be ahead with your work. If you are ahead, that does not mean you can stop. The more ahead you are, the better. Last thing. enjoy the ride. If you do all of the above, you will be able to enjoy everything. Just remember to always do your Microcampus look back, because you never know what you could have left behind.

About This Learner

Hi. My name is Daniel S. I am 14 years old. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, where I lived for 3 years, then the United States for 9 years, and China for one year. There are four people in my family. My father, mother, brother, and I. I can fluently speak Spanish and English, but I am learning Chinese. I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to go on this wonderful trip of Microcampus. Like Mr. Tafel has said before, this is the perfect opportunity to leave the Pudong "bubble." I had so much fun in XIzhou. The people here are so kind and just great. I had so much fun learning a lot about Bai Minority Music.