Updated 1 year 11 months ago

Microcampus is a big adventure. I am staying in the village for 28 days. It is a wonderful experience in which we will each research our own topic. I like geography/geology, bugs, and music. These willbe topic choices. My topic will be a topic that will be unique to me and provide me with a unique learning experience. I am most comfortable choosing music. Microcampus is very exiteing. I believe that I will gain a lot of experience in being independent and improve on my Chinese. 

Updated 1 year 11 months ago

Phase 1 has only come about after considerable work on my part. In Phase 0 I fine - tuned my topic and ended up with music. In this Phase I will go get more background information and explain more about the topic that I choose.

Updated 1 year 12 months ago

This Phase will be all about the collection of facts for my project. As of now, I have completed Phase 0 and part of Phase 1. In Phase 0 I narrowed down my topics to eventually come up with music. In Phase 1 I am working on collecting background information.

About This Learner

I am 13 years old and love to play ice hockey and read. I was born in the United States. I was in Xizhou. I advanced my Chinese and my intercultural understanding while on Microcampus. I have been living in China for a year. Xizhou was a great experience and I hope that future Microcampus students enjoy this trip as much as I did.