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Our service learning partner was Ms. Dong, she is 69, and she works at the Golden Flower Restaurant. I learned many things about my partner, for example her father was a "counter-revolutionary" and because of this she was looked down on. Another thing that I learned is that she has had a very hard life, for example her husband has left her and her house has burned down. The third thing that I learned is that she is originally from Xizhou but most of her family has lived most of their lives in Xiaguan. I learned some things about Xizhou's history during this project. For example I learned that anything that was considered part of the "four olds" was destroyed. I learned many things about the Cultural Revolution because of this experience. For example I learned that you had to work in a work gang for most of the day. I also learned that during the Cultural Revolution you were given work points instead of money. 


There are many recommendations for future Microcampus students that I have, here are some of them. First of all when one finds contacts for service learning, you need to get plans A, B, C, D, and E incase your plan A falls through. As well one should routinly check if their partner can come to the viewing. Another suggestion is to stay positive no matter what happens, for example if your partner says that he or she cannot come you should stay positive and try to find a solution. My fourth suggestion is to always follow the instructions. My final suggestion is to not procrastinate and to get as much work done as you can early on in the process.

About This Learner

Hi my name is Griffon, I went to Microcampus when I was 13 years old. I had been at SAS for three years. I come from Canada but I have lived in Canada, Jordan, Shanghai, and now I will be moving on to Mozambique. I was in Xizhou and I was studying Antiques and how they relate to the Tea Horse Road. I was very excited about learning about Xizhou and about being surrounded by nature for a month.