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My group for the Service Learning project includes Travis, Austin, Jamie, and me. Austin will host the project in his workspace. Our service learning partner’s name is Yang QiFang. She is an 81 years old grandmother in Xizhou who has a daughter in Kunming. She used to be a teacher (teaching PE, music, math, & language arts) and a part-time farmer. Now, she sews embroidery as a hobby. 
Through the service learning project, I learned that Mrs. Yang is content with the life she lives these days because it is better than the life before the Cultural Revolution. She thinks that people should do whatever they can do in life; people should not ask for more or less. Also, she has a calm personality and has never had big fights with people. 
I learned that in Xizhou's history, people used to sell their babies' meat in the market due to the increased number of infant deaths and lack of money. There were no Japanese attacks in Xizhou; however, Mrs. Yang dislikes the Japanese people anyway. 
I also learned that in the 20th century history, Chairman Mao fought the Japanese and made the lives of the citizens better. Before the Great Leap Forward, earning money was hard, but during the Great Leap, having food was even more difficult. After the Great Leap, business was also hard, but not as hard as before. 
When my group and I stepped up to show our video, Mrs. Yang just smiled and looked content and happy. I kept taking quick glances at her, making sure that she was enjoying it. After we showed our video, Mrs. Yang drank some tea and we talked for a while. I could tell that she felt appreciated. 
Some recommendations that I have for future service learning groups are to finish the interviewing part as fast as possible and leave at least an entire day to work on editing the video. Furthermore, during the interviewing part, group members should take pictures that include the partner and the Microcampus students. Apart from that, future groups should keep in mind that they should wait for their partners to think about a question and finish answering before asking another question. When future groups video their service learning partner, they must try to have a minimum amount of unnecessary background noises, such as the biting of apples. 

About This Learner

I was a thirteen-year-old girl who liked daydreaming a little too much. I was born in Vancouver, Canada and lived there during the beginning years of my childhood. Ever since, I have been confused as to whether I'm Canadian or Chinese. Microcampus allowed me to see a different perspective of this world, have a better idea on how people play a part in this world, and how I can contribute to it.