Updated 6 years 2 weeks ago

I still remember the time when Mr. Tafel announced to our Grade 6 Science class that he was going to be off-campus for a month. He had asked me and my friends (on several occasions) whether we were going to sign up for Microcampus. Look at me now! I would be in Xizhou this time next month. 

Updated 5 years 11 months ago

In Phase 1, I did some general research and wrote down some questions that will be the overall framework of my inquiry project. In this phase, I will be finding helpful resources to help me answer some of these big questions that I have asked.  By the end of this phase, I, hopefully, will be able to come up with more questions to narrow down my field of research for my topic. 

Updated 5 years 11 months ago

The purpose of this phase is to gather information until I am fully prepared to do the final phase of the project. At this point of time, I will be interviewing many of my local sources that were recommended to me during my 3-5's in Phase 2

About This Learner

I am currently thirteen years old and am from Fremont, California. I have lived in Shanghai for nearly ten years now, and since I heard about this Microcampus program, I was set on signing up as soon as I became an eighth grader––for the sake of the learning experience and close interaction with the locals. Initially, I had based my inquiry project on tea processing and its evolution in Xizhou, though it had shifted to finding more information on tea ceremonies.