Updated 6 years 4 months ago

The process began with listing the topics that interested me. Since we will be spending 28 days, I wanted to make sure I was choosing the topic that I won't be bored with the entire month. I had a large list of choices of topics to choose from. I wanted to choose something that could help me impact the place I would be staying for a month. So I chose something eco-friendly.

Updated 6 years 2 months ago

In Phase 0, I talked about the process of how I chose my topic, which topics were of interest to me, and why I did not choose them in the end. I chose ecotourism as my topic to learn how it affects the quiet villages in Xizhou.

Updated 6 years 2 months ago

In Phase 1 you can see the questions that I have brainstormed and will be further researching. I did some background research on my topic and the big questions that will help me with my research in Xizhou. In Phase 2 I will be finding helpful resources to find my information. Sources from different locals can hopefully help me lead to new and better questions in my project.

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In this phase, I have put down all my research done and as you can see, my interviews with my local contacts. I learn all of my information in this phase, it is also the longest phase of which you do your working. You go out into the village and ask all about your topic. I have put my facts into an order of facts that contact gave me, so I can see what kind of people will be helpful next time to ask.

About This Learner

I'm a 13 year old boy named Austin, and I'm really glad to been able to go to Xizhou. I was born and raised in California for 3 years, then moving on to China since. I have lived in China for 10 years, 9 years with SAS. I'm excited to join this excellent opportunity to test my limits and find my interests. I love basketball and adventures with action that require physical strength. I like a challenge that requires teamwork and fun. I love scenery and photography and I believe this is a great chance to pursue my passion. Xizhou was a great experience and I have taken much knowledge from this village. I am glad I signed up and I will never forget the learning and the fun I had during this trip.