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We are going to Xixhou mainly to learn more about a certain subject out of about twenty possible options.  Since we are basically going to be 'living with' these people of whom we choose to work with, we have to make sure our choice is the right one. 

Updated 6 years 5 months ago

In Phase 0 I decided that I was going to research textiles for my inquiry project in Xizhou.  I thought at first I was going to be more interested about making the textiles, but now I think I am more interested in the dyes. Click here to see my Phase 0 work.

Updated 6 years 6 months ago

In Xizhou, we are doing an inquiry project to focus during our time there. We were giving a list of choices in Phase 0, and out of all of them, I chose textiles. In Phase 1, I mentioned what I know, how I know that, and then summed it up. Afterwards I looked up some information on textiles in Xizhou, put that information in Phase 3, and came up with some questions.  Now, in Phase 2, I am working on finding helpful resources on my topic of tie-dyeing textiles, although it will most likely work with any topic

About This Learner

I used to be a little girl who lived in a little city, which I wouldn't even really count as a city. Then, everything changed when I moved to Shanghai when I was 11. Something that really changed is that I enjoyed the fresh, clean air in Xizhou for a month, rather than the dirty, polluted air of Shanghai. I was in the Microcampus Extreme Team group that went to Xizhou from November 2013-December 2013. I really enjoyed my stay in Xizhou, while making constant trips to Zhoucheng for inquiry work, which was xxx-xxx. You see, I would tell you what my project was, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise if you didn't know. OK, fine. I was studying tie-dye. Back on topic, Xizhou was amazing, and I loved every aspect of the village.