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In the start of Phase 0 Mr. Tafel gave us a list of topics that we can research about. There were topics that I knew I was not going to choose such as village governance and traditional chinese medicine, but there were also topics that really caught my attention for example wood carving, local landforms, case study, and bamboo weaving. In the end I chose bamboo weaving and case study beacuse after I took some time to think about the topics I think that bamboo weaving and case study is a topic that might only be able to research about in the XiZhou village.

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In Phase 0 I went through a list of different topics then I chose a topic and explained what and why I am going to research the topic. In Phase 1, I am going to start asking myself some questions on my topic which is case study on the life of a XiZhou eighth grader and answering it with some background knowledge and a lot of research.

Background Information

What do I already know (or think I know) about the topic?

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In Phase 1 I created some questions that would help me in my research in Xizhou. Now I am going to work on connecting with some local people in Xizhou and find some facts about my topic.

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I saw Chuli's, Miranda's, and Grace's inquiry projects I liked how Grace kept track of the time and showed it on the bottom right corner.

My audience for this project is really just anyone that is interested in the daily life of a Xizhou Middle Schooler.

In order to examine what life would be like if I was born in Xizhou, one must understand the lifestyle, education, and values of a Xizhou middle Sschooler.

About This Learner

Hi I'm Amy and I'm 13. I am from Hong Kong and I have lived in three different places. I am really enjoyed my time in XiZhou because I love to travel and I have never had the chance to actually communicate and live the life that most people in China do. I took away a lot of things from this experience. I look forward to coming back to Xizhou with my family.