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At Microcampus, I will be spending 28 days at Xizhou with 15 other students and 2 chaperones. I descided to go because I wanted see more of China than sky scrapers and subway trains, and I wanted to know that I can try knew things, new limits.

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While going to this one month trip far, far away, I will be working on an Inquiry Project, on a specific topic, That topic, chosen in the prequel, is textile production in the Xizhou area. This is the sequel step of Phase 0 of my inquiry project.

Updated 5 years 2 weeks ago

At a month-long trip chaperoned by an ambitious pair of teachers called Microcampus, I will be working on a project with the specific topic of Textile Production. Finished with Phase 0 and Phase 1, I now start on Phase 2 of my ongoing project. 

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I looked at Miranda's from the Dynamite Group, Vikki's from the B4 Group, I looked into Maddie O.'s from the Alpha Pilots but she didn't have a finished final product, and then I looked at Madeleine's from the Alpha Pilots Group and saw that her final product was different from everyone else's. Hers didn't have a video, but she had a powerpoint. The problem was, it wasn't as interesting as it could've been if it was a movie. Then I saw that everyone who didn't finish their final product was working on making a video.

About This Learner

I am half Japanese, half American, and I was born in Australia. I lived in Tokyo for most of my life, and then I moved to Shanghai in the summer of 2012. I've been working on my Chinese skills in hopes of being fluent in the language. After going to microcampus, I think that my confidence and skill has gotten a lot better than before, but still not good enough to be anywhere near fluent:) The Extreme Team has given the Lindens back their centre and Yang Zhou Ran, but a piece of every microcampus student will always stay there. Microcampus was a long and fun trip full or experiences I never thought I would have