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For my Inquiry project, some possible topics I considered were the local education system, ethnic minority issues, Bai minority culture, local history, traditional Chinese medicine, economics case studies, tourism/development, wood carving/door making, textile production, local food/cuisine, landforms/geology.

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In phase 1 of the inquiry project, you will discover my final topics, and some pre-knowledge on it! I will be stating what I already know, where did I learn these informations, what do I want to know and so on. This will be a very crucial stage for me and my Xi Zhou life because after I research more about my general topic, I will depend on my knowledge and information to narrow down into a specific state of mind.

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This is a workspace to present my process of finding helpful resources after generating questions in Phase 1. While researching about my particular topic “How does the formation and growth of Xi Zhou relate to the local geographical feature?” I had a few key words I profoundly typed into the search engine repeatedly. Here is a list of the key words and a reason why I chose these words:

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Leading to my final inquiry projects, I will built up my knowledge on "How does the formation and growth of Xi Zhou relate to the local geographical features?"and these knowledge will be listed in this phase 3 workspace.

Background Information (from Phase 1)

About This Learner

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am 13 years old. I was a part of the winter 2013 microcampus trip. I was born in Nagoya, Japan on March 28th 2000, and I moved to China in 2006. This is my 7th year in Shanghai, and 3rd year in SAS Puxi. I was extremely excited to be in the microcampus trip! I felt passionate to be apart of the trip from the second I heard about it. To me, this trip is about leaving the bubble of SAS, and experience the life in the "real" China. I loved discovering new knowledge to expand on prior skills in Xzihou. The trip to Xizhou is definitely a trip and memory that I will cherish forever. I really miss my time Xizhou and I wish I can revisit Xizhou again.