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For my inquiry project, some of the topics I was interested in were the local food products, tea and Bai language. Many topics like local history and local recreation were not as interesting to me as the the local food products, tea and Bai language. 


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In Phase 1, I summarized what I already know about my inquiry project and what I want to know about my inquiry project. Now as the journey continues it is time to find some resources and develop some possible answers to my questions. 

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These are the three final products I looked at from the previous Microcampus students:
Chuli R.:  Ethic Minority Issues in Yunnan
Miranda M.: Embroidery of Xizhou
Grace C.: Local Recreation/Hobbies of Children.

About This Learner

I was there... A place where there was orange soil, fresh air, white clouds and red sunsets. A place where there was green grass and blue skies. Also a place without pollution. I am a 13 year old girl who is now in Shanghai. I was born in a very polluted city; but in a very short period of my life, I was here. A place anyone will call paradise. A place where I can call home for 28 days. This experience changed me. I learned from my mistake. I fell over and stood up. I started as a seed but now I am a tree. Xizhou town I will never forget you. I will never forget the people who use to live in Room 9 or YZR. I will never forget the smell of the wooden floor and the sound of birds chirping. This is an end, a memory, and a wonderful beginning.