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For my Inquiry project, I discovered that I find art and crafts related topics more interesting. Since I was little I have always enjoyed music and painting, and more recently, projects that require more handicraft, like sewing. I've also had a fascination with artisan crafts. To think that someone can bring their imagination to life with such finese and beauty is something I envy, and hope to achieve one day.

After some considerations, here are a few of the topics I would like to research:

- Bai Minority Culture: Music

Updated 7 years 2 months ago

Previously in Phase 0, I selected my Inquiry Project topic: Funeral Music. In this phase, I will be gathering background information on my topic, which you will be able to view in Phase 3, and eventually, develop a list of research questions to help me with my research in Xizhou.

Updated 7 years 1 month ago

In this Phase, I will be gathering resources to help me with my research. Experts from the internet, villagers in Xizhou, and other people who know about my topic. Check out my previous work here on Phase 1.

During my research in Phase 1, I used keywords and phrases such as 'Yunnan funeral', 'Bai funeral procession', "Dongjing music", etc. 'Xizhou' was too specific of a place to get any valuable information, and 'Chinese' would be too broad. Afterall, China has many different funeral customs, depending on where you are in the country.

Updated 7 years 1 month ago

I looked over the projects of former Microcampus students Jeffrey Z, Miranda M, and Yi Fei C's final products. What I really liked about Yi Fei's was that he compared the ethics of Xizhou antique dealers with those of the ethics of antique dealers online. I also liked the timeskip that Miranda showed of her embroidery project.

My intended audience is really anyone who finds themselves interested in funeral music, be they future Microcampus students, classmates back in Shanghai, or random strangers on the internet.

About This Learner

I'm a former Microcampus student from the Extreme Team Group. Xizhou has been an indescribable experience, and one that I'll never regret choosing.